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Google Chat now supports one on one video calls on Gmail

Some months back, Google reveals Google chat had a one on one video call feature on Gmail without the need for a link. Just as it is on the old hangout. Now, this feature is available on the updated version of Gmail across Android devices.

Google Chat now supports one on one video call on Gmail

Last year was known to be the last for Google Hangouts, however, it doesn’t totally mean the extinction of Hangouts. The platform has been replaced with Google chat. All Google hangout members are moved to Google chat with a whole new experience and extra features. It was one of the biggest changes made by Google in recent times.

Google Chat started as a stand-alone application on the Google play store, but just a few months back, Google decided to conjoin the platform with its Google Gmail platform. You can now use the Google chat directly on your Gmail app but most definitely has to be updated. Google meet was also conjointly part of the recent update. meaning, you can access Google Gmail services, Google chat, and Google meets in just one application. This makes usage more convenient for users and also saves much time. The three platforms have a designated tab at the bottom of the app for easy access.

Google Chat app new features

Now, one of the classic features of Hangouts has been made available for the Google chat service, you can now make a one-on-one video call with a friend and the best part is, you don’t need a link to do that.

Having to send a link to when for a one on one call seems too much and this has been resolved by Google. When on a chat with a second party, you’ll notice the call icons at the top right corner of the chat. You can choose between video call or audio call and the call will be initiated instantly. While also on a call, you’ll notice the little blue banner at the top, this represents the active call with the name of the person you’re having a call with and the time spent. Any time you miss a call from someone, it is marked in red as it has always been. 

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Google Chat video call setup

This new update has been made available for both android and IOS devices, but you have to ensure the app is updated to the latest version. The one on one call without a link is not yet available on the standalone app of Google chat, so you’ll need Gmail to use the service. And it is also available for all users.

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