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Glo Data Plan – Activation Of Glo Stay Home Data Plan Offer

Glo introduces a new data plan called stay at home or stay home data plan, which gives any of their subscribers a
20% Extra offer deal of any data they purchase in some actual ways. 


Glo feel like making their customers have fun by staying at home due to the lockdown so they introduced this
data offer or data plan deal, that we are about to discuss on this article it seem to be great offer or data deal
which will make any glo subscriber or customers to have fun with their mobile when they stay are at home. 


The Data plan or Data deal offer is more like an extra data plan that will be redeemed at a 20% rate of data
purchased, let check out how the extra data offer goes. 

glo stay home plan

How Does Glo Stay Home Data Plan Works? 

It is quite an easy answer, glo network provider will just redeem your data plan with 20% of the data deal you
purchase whenever you renew your data plan before it expires. I.e when you go for or subscribe to glo 1000 plan
at the rate of 2.3GB before your data plan expires you will get 2.5GB instead of 2.3GB same applicable to other
plans like 1.3GB, 500MB and 5.3GB plan 20% of the data you purchase will be added to the data plan. 


How To Activate The Data Plan (Glo Stay Home Plan) 

All you have to do is to dial the normal glo subscription code which is *777# and select that is try to purchase any
data plan you can afford, that all you just have to be careful of the old plan before it expires so that you can get
this offer.

More or less, Glo has done a great job by adding this offer to their service (Glo stay home data plan)
awesome right? 

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What did you think about this data plan offer? 


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