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Glo 1.2gb for 200 Sunday Plan Activation Process

As of yesterday we made a post about Airtel free 1GBwhich most people get to know about the offer and it was activated, now we introduce to you latest glo 1.2GB that you can activate for just 200 awesome or not?


Actually this plan can only be made use of weekend or beginning of the week which is Sunday and it is cheap and affordable just N200, this best part of this plan is that it is not a cheat or tweak, it just a normal plan from glo network provider part of their recently added data plan. 


Let’s get to know about the features of the plan glo 1.2GB for 200 before we go further, but before I forget we make a post earlier on Normal Glo 1.2GB or 1GB which you can activate for the same N200 but it seems glo as removing the plan from their tariff plan option. 


Nevertheless we still got you covered with the latest plan, at least most people are always at home on Sunday so they can make use of the data to stream online, and download most movies online too. 


Features Of  Glo 1.2GB for 200 Sunday Plan

  • Not A cheat or tweak. 
  • Available for all glo customers. 
  • Normal data plan. 
  • VPN is not needed to power up the data. 
  • Validity last for a day. 
  • That’s all for now. 


Now we go straight to the process of activating the data plan which is glo 1.2 gb for 200 activation processes. 


Activation process of glo 1.2 gb for 200

Process on how to activate glo 1.2 gb for 200 are all listed below :

  1. Go to your phone and dial the code *777# 
  2. Then select option 1 which is to buy data select option 1 again it implies Buy data plan. 
  3. Bypass the auto renew option by selecting 2 which won’t allow your data to auto renew after it expires.
  4. Now select option 7 which implies Night and weekend plans, that our main target. glo 1.2gb for 200
  5. After that you will be provided with the list of available data plans, only option 4 and 5 is what we want on the list. 
  6. Select 4 to subscribe to glo 1.2gb for 200 which is valid for A day, 1day or. glo 1.2 gb for 200
  7. Five (5) which is glo 3GB for 500 which is valid for two days (Saturday And Sunday)
  8. That’s all about that. 

You can also check out some other lists of affordable and cheap data plans here, like checkout our latest free browsing tips, cheat and tweak here. 


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