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Flaim Free Data: How To Get Free 5GB From Flaim App

Gud day guys, how was your weekend? I hope its went well, you can reply to my question by viewing the comment section. What we have for you today is all about the android and iOS mobile app called flaim. Flaim apk or flaim app it’s an app which most of us will be familiar with which they normal grant people free data and of recent now they now have new promo on how you their user’s can enjoy free 5GB data from them as a promo or we say giveaway when you do some easy task.


Flaim app as been into existence for quite long as I remember which I share the offer with you guys for once on our telegram channel when the app was newly launch in Africa which make them call it flaim Africa, as of then any user that register with the app newly will be granted some airtime and also free data which will enjoy that and they later stop it year the data range from 1GB upwards which most of our following enjoy the flaim free data offer by then cool.



I know most people still don’t know what the flaim app is all about and what it is capable of don’t worry I will split it up for you in an easy way.


What Is Flaim App?


Flaim App or Flaim apk is a mobile app which was designed to engage into conversation with your friends and love once just by sending text, music, videos, images and more. The app is strictly like our noble social media platform known as WhatsApp yea which we use to send end to end messages to each other, flaim too also carry out some process with different kinds of features which you will see for yourself when you download the mobile app its available on playstore.


Flaim app

Now we switch to the main part of the article which is how you can be able to get the flaim free data of 5GB for free. It’s promo indeed and we will explain to you all the terms and conditions that apply to it. Let’s check it out below.



How To Get Flaim Free Data Of 5GB


  1. Firstly you need to be a member of the platform by registering to view the flaim app.
  2. Download the mobile app from here strictly for android users.
  3. After that try to sign-up with your mobile number.
  4. An OTP one time password will be sent to the phone number you just input.
  5. Go ahead, copy it and finish your registration.

This process is only for people that don’t have the app before, if you are a member already kindly skip the step above and just follow below steps.

  • When you are done with the registration what next is for you to be active on the app just by:
  • Chatting with your friends on the app on a daily basis.
  • Specifically from Wednesday to Sunday, it’s a promo so terms apply to it and the terms is for you to be an active user of the app.
  • You just have to turn the app into your WhatsApp by just telling your close friends about the app and register them. From there you guys can skip WhatsApp for flaim just for the meantime.

Flaim free data

Although selection used to be made on their own perspective about the people that win the free 5GB data on a daily basis. So how you partake to make use of the app will vary whether you will be selected as one of the winners or not.

It’s kind of stressful but it won’t be again when you are familiar with the app. All we have to do now is to move to the app register and start chatting, having long conversations on it that’s all.

To get free biz related to this just join us on telegram from there we will load you with some fast update according to our niche.


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