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Fifa 24 Mod Apk OBB Data Download (Fifa Mobile 2024) Offline Latest Version 

You need to look around again for what you need actually here, that’s if you want to download FIFA 24 mod APK OBB data file that has been designed for Android offline which can also be called FIFA Mobile 2024.

FIFA 24 mobile is also designed to be played and allows you to play the game with career mode and Manager Mode with the latest player transfer. 

Not only that, you will be able to play your game FIFA 24 mode with the best graphics and outstanding record aside from how the game was developed by EA Sport. 

So the modified version of the game allows you to gain access to some kinds of teachers that are available on this particular mobile game called FIFA 2024.

Fifa 2024 Mobile 

Normally in short form, the game is mostly called FIFA 24 which aside you wish to get the offline version of the game that has surfaced on the Internet that’s where you will see something like FIFA 24 mod. 

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It is still your normal FIFA mobile game in the latest version and incredible graphics which come with all the files that is said to be APK + OBB + data that allowed the game to play the gamer in offline mode. 

Normally FIFA 2024 mobile I’m majorly designed to be played online but with the help of some programmers and some other 5 that you will download you should be able to play the game without even an internet connection.

4 East in your normal soccer or football game that you can play on your smartphone device so as to change your innovation in football. 

Fifa 24 Mod

Unlike how we have the game FIFA 23 mod here is another section that is set aside for another version of the game with the latest version that is called FIFA 24 mod. 

The FIFA 24 mobile mode is a modified version of the game FIFA 2024 mobile which can enable you to gain access to different kinds of features and be able to play the game in offline mode instead of using your favorite internet. 

And with the help of all the files that are being downloaded FIFA 24 mod APK OBB and data file you will be able to play your game in career mode, play different kinds of tournaments and ask your gameplay manager mode and so on we all can be played offline. 

And you should be seeing the initial FIFA game that has been developed by EA Sports and there are some other features like playing in different kinds of tournaments, cops mod ultimate team, and fifpro licensing. 

There are some major features you should know about the game. We include getting the latest kid that has been set aside for the new version of FIFA 2024 mod APK. 

The game may not be official or is not officially released yet but this review will tell you a little about what you need to know about the FIFA 24 mod APK that might also help you get something like unlimited coins when you follow the step of FIFA 24 hack. 

Once you partake in the hack mod of the name in order to unlock different kinds of features, all paid in-game items will be free. 

Download Fifa 24 Mod Apk OBB Data Files For Android Offline Game

The download page is designed to provide you with a direct download link to get the file for your game FIFA 24 mod APK which you will get some other files like ( APK + OBB + data). 

And some other requirement is needed so as not to download the game yet and regret getting it downloaded some of these requirements are. 

  • Your Android phone or get an Android phone. 
  • Internal space of up to 3GB should be set aside for living. 
  • The device Ram should be 2GB or more. 

once you get this requirement you can now proceed to the download mode of the game after you know about some information that you need to know about the game. 

App Name Fifa 24 (Fifa Mobile 2024)
Type Mod Apk
Other files Apk, OBB & Data Files
Download Size 1.5GB
Dev EA Sports 

Download Here

Fifa 2024 Release Date

The official day that the game will be released is not here made because you are about to look into the modified version of FIFA mobile 24.

If you are one of the people that has been searching for the FIFA 24 release date then it’s better to be patient or check back this article which once it’s been made official by EA sport when they will release the game. 

Then we will make it official here or on our various social media platforms so as to know that you cannot confirm your hair in FIFA 24 or FIFA 2024 which will be officially launched by EA Sports. 

Basic Features 

  • Enabled and latest career mode. 
  • New players transfer to the latest one. 
  • Receiving date from 2023 to 2024.
  • The latest 2024 update was added alongside some bugs being fixed. 
  • Enable manager mode. 
  • Pertakes on different kinds of tournaments which enhance gameplay. 
  • Best graphics in PS5 and PS4 mode. 
  • Available camera PS5 and PS4.

Fifa 24 Mobile Mod Features 

Some of the features that we made me shown above are all the modified versions of FIFA 24 which will be just made in addition to them from here

  • HD graphic display of the game. 
  • Offline mode without internet connection. 
  • Updated Stadium with the improved player face. 
  • Working career mode and manager mode. 
  • Newly added League from Asian League Russia League Spanish and so on. 
  • Get unlimited coins. 

How To Install

The installation process of the FIFA 24 mod APK is easy and straightforward. 

  1. What you need first is to download the provided 5 APK OBB and data file. 
  2. Then download and install the file extractor for your mobile Zarchiver pro-APK recommended. 
  3. Try to locate all free files using this file manager. 
  4. Extracting one after the other. 
  5. After you extract them make sure you move the OBB of the FIFA 24 to the appropriate folder Android/OBB. 
  6. Do the same for the data file. 
  7. Then you now locate the APK file and install the game. 
  8. You can now start playing your game FIFA 24 mobile once the installation process is completed. 

For people that still prefer the old version of FIFA game, you can click here and you’ll be provided with a list of old versions of FIFA games for mobile. 

Final Say

Have you been able to get what you come for FIFA 24 mod apk, if so share your experience and all the kinds of experiences you have with the game. 


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