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Fifa 23 Mod Fifa 14 Apk + OBB + Data File Download 

You might look around for the modified version of FIFA 23 that is why we came about this article for the latest version of FIFA 23 mod FIFA 14 APK OBB and data file for Android devices. 

This is also one of the football game or soccer simulation games that have also been developed by EA SPORTS which is FIFA 14.

It also features up to 500 plus license things which we are going to be looking into FIFA 23 mod 14 apk that comes with obb file and data file. 

So try to get the Fugees about this post before you can think of going and heading to download the game or install it through your device. 

About Fifa 23 Mod Fifa 14

The FIFA 23 mod 14 is just a modified version of the previous game FIFA 14 which you might have been looking for that also houses 500 licensed teams with over 16,000 players that have been selected around the globe. 

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So if you wish to look into FIFA 23 mod then you should also know that it is also a previous version of a game that has also been developed by EA sport specifically for Android users. 

Here is another mod version of the FIFA 23 game which comes with FIFA 14 APK obb and data for offline playing. 

Play I can also go ahead to choose different kinds of teams they wish to play with and win game mode in that a single-player season or tournament online multiplayer matches against each other or a gamer. 

The FIFA 23 mod FIFA 14 Android game is also a game that is designed for gamers to experience some kind of realistic football game or soccer game. 

Which is also embedded to allow players to connect with each other around the globe using the multiplayer mode to select matches within each other. 

All happens to work together with an AI that makes it adapt 4-player to show Styles and skills whenever they want to play the FIFA 23 mod 14 game. 

Which has now been modified to provide you with some kind of game controller that you wish to see and allow players who select games within each other. 

One of the great features that you will enjoy on your own in this FIFA 14 mod is the Ultimate Team mode which has allowed gamers to manage their own team and collect traditional player cards within each other. 

The game you’re about to download on this page, FIFA 23 Mof 14 can get you unlimited coins which can allow you to play different kinds of matches but still, some players are selling cars within players around the globe. 

FIFA 14 is a solely soccer game or football game that is designed in stimulation to offer you a wide range of team player modes of games that you can enjoy. 

You will also get some also hardcore fans that look more realistic according to the graphic that the game has been designed with. 

This FIFA 14 mod is a standard game that you will also like to play with every single time and ignore and if possible or ignore all the latest football or soccer games out there like the efootball 2023, dream league soccer game 2023, fts 2023 and so on. 

It was brought to my attention that the FIFA 14 game was one of the FIFA games that have been designed by EA SPORTS which god also got 300k downloads on the Google Play Store and iOS user app store

You are now being announced with another version of the game which is called the FIFA 23 mod FIFA 14 APK Android game, which has been developed to bring the patch game of FIFA 2015 up to date now in FIFA 2023.

You should be provided with the FIFA 23 mod APK OBB and data file for offline purposes of playing the game on your Android smartphone device. 

Basic Features Of Fifa 23 Mod 14 

  • You should see FIFA 23 latest updated kids on the mood 14 games. 
  • The game mode of the FIFA 23 mode FIFA 14 is slightly different from others. 
  • Improvement in the graphic display is so as to show the player’s face in real form as they look. 
  • Some other players that engage in tattoos or drawing tattoos on their bodies will be shown. 
  • Complete the off-season transfer we experience on this FIFA 14 patch for Android. 

Features Of Fifa 23 Mod Fifa 14 Apk

One of the most important things you should experience in any of your soccer games or football games in the kids which involves the Jersey uniform and the kind of foods that your player will be making use of which is something you should not experience on this FIFA 23 mode for Android. 

The game mode is also stand-alone on this FIFA 23 mobile game that has been mode in FIFA 14 which comes with different tournament leaks and other career modes like the master league so as to make the gamer become a legend. 

Player PC stands alone due to the kind of graphics that have been designed or programmed with this FIFA 14 mod FIFA 23.

Which issue sees some players like Gabby Presley and some only face this game as the kind of update that has been made on it. 

Players that have tattoos on their bodies will also now be displayed on this FIFA 14 mode FIFA 23 APK game that comes with an obb and data file. 

The season has been transferred and the FIFA 14 patch version for Android has been patched up together to come with the FIFA 23 may 14 Android game that has been updated to the latest version with the new transfer. 

Download Fifa 23 Mod Fifa 14 Apk + OBB + Data File 

You will be provided with a single download link on the download page to download your FIFA 23 mod FIFA 14 Android game to your smartphone device. 

All together with APK + OBB + data file has been composed in a zip file which allows you to download games straight to your device without wishing to download any related files for the FIFA 14 mod. 

App name  Fifa 23 Mod Fifa 14
Type Football/Soccer Game
Download Size  1.5GB
Version  Latest Version 2023
Other file OBB & Date file 

Download Here 

Graphic Display

Key Features  Fifa 14 Mod Fifa 23

All the key features you should know about this game is a player rating which the FIFA 14 mod is now updated to the latest version that should provide you with the FIFA 23 official player ratings. 

Some of these features that we are emphasizing on him to see are Ally Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohammed salah, and so on and so forth on their new team with the kind of new kid attitude that they have on their bodies. 

You will see the original FIFA rating that comes with the FIFA 2023 official version of the game followed up with DHS and the position of every single player you check. 

The squad of each team has been selected as numbered on the official version of the FIFA 23 game which is the same thing and Tactics formation and some other features added. 

Stadium commented three abroad have been updated as well on this FIFA 23 mod. 

You should see the Home and Away kid has been updated to the FIFA 23 official version. 

How To Install

  1. Just download the FIFA 23 Mod APK OBB and data file from the single download link we provided on the download page. 
  2. Then you can think of the extraction of the zip file that you download can be done using Zarchiver APK
  3. Then after extraction, you will need to move some kind of folder like the obb and data file to the appropriate folder on your storage device. 
  4. The Obb file will be moved to SD/Android/OBB and Data should be moved to SD/Android/Data respectively. 
  5. Then you cannot go to the 400 I started back and click on the FIFA 23 APK so as to start installing it on your mobile phone.
  6. After the installation process is completed you can now go ahead to your mobile phone and start playing your game. 

Bottom Line

We have tried our best to provide you with a complete review of FIFA 14 mod FIFA in the three-game that comes with APK OBB and data file. 

You can enjoy playing it offline and can also be downloaded through Mediafire for every single thing you get on this page and is generally provided for educational purposes only. 

The Review

Fifa 23 Mod Fifa 14 Apk, OBB & Data


The FIFA 23 mod 14 is just a modified version of the previous game FIFA 14 which you might have been looking for that also houses 500 licensed teams with over 16,000 players that have been selected around the globe. 


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  • Online mode

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