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Best Photo Editing Applications For Your Social Media

Social media influencers have made it a pretty popular career choice among millennials but being an influencer is not that easy.

Your content has to be relevant to your target audience, and it must have particular awesomeness about its posts.

Talking about the posts, one thing is mandatory, and that is visual appeal. You cannot possibly attract your social media followers if the photo you post is seemingly blurry, hazy, and pixelated. 

This is why photo editing apps are essential. You can download some of them from The Pirate Bay and get started on the amazing photo editing journey.

However, we have brought some cool photo editing apps for your social media right here. So, let’s have a look at them: 

1: Pixlr

Pixlr is a popular picture editing app for iOS and Android that may help you take your social media material to new heights. 

This free tool offers a variety of social media photo editing and enhancement capabilities to help your posts stand out.

You can construct collages, apply photo effects and filters, and improve your images with fantastic features like double exposure and focal blur using both standard and bespoke social network photo sizes.

Effects, layers, adjustments, filters, color replacement, and object transformation are some of the greatest features of this photo editing app, which make it a favorite among social media fans.

2: Pic Collage

This photo editing software is primarily intended for the creation of collages. 

It allows you to upload your own photographs and movies from YouTube. 

The stickers and fonts in this software will help you create a more relaxed and amusing brand. 

They also let you print off lovely postcards from your collages, although direct sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be more appreciated by social media managers.


VSCO is a picture and video editing app as well as a photo-sharing service. It’s a simple tool for improving the exposure, clarity, saturation, white balance, and tones of social media posts.

It has a clean and simple appearance and a menu that is user-friendly. 

When you join VSCO, you gain access to a community that is similar to Instagram. 

In the news feed, you can browse photographs and videos, interact with friends, and participate in weekly photo challenges.

4: Darkroom

With 12 free filters to select from, you’ll always be able to find the right look with robust editing tools. Furthermore, the special Favorite and Delete modes make it simple to keep your Camera Roll free of clutter.

Furthermore, with Darkroom Plus, you can always get the perfect photo! 

You can simply tweak your photographs to perfection using the premium filters and curves tool. 

You may make magnificent videos that will impress your friends and family with the 4K video editing skills.

5: Photoshop Express

You can easily improve and retouch your photographs right from your mobile device using Photoshop Express! 

With loads of features and options to pick from, this robust photo editing software was created for both advanced users and beginners. 

You can add flair to your photographs with fun stickers, themes, and overlays or use the app’s advanced editing capabilities to make subtle edits and additions. 

Photoshop Express is the ideal picture editor for anyone who enjoys photography or simply wants to improve their social media posts.

6: Adobe Lightroom

For busy photographers on the road, Adobe Lightroom for Mobile is the ideal picture editing software. 

It’s simple to use but packed with powerful tools that will assist you in creating gorgeous images. 

You can quickly and easily modify exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more using Lightroom for Mobile. You may also apply text overlays and artistic filters to your images. 

You may also quickly share your images on social media with friends and family. Lightroom is a picture editing program that works on both PCs and mobile devices.

7: Afterlight

Over 130 photo filters made exclusively by photographers, as well as over 20 advanced editing tools, are available in Afterlight. 

The textures and overlays are possibly the most widely utilized tools in this software. 

They feature distinctive effects like light leaks and genuine dust that will make your photo stand out. 

The app’s free edition includes most of the above capabilities, but a paid membership includes additional tools.

Let’s Get Started!

There are some great photo editing apps for your social media in the market, and we have highlighted the best ones among them here.

If you have gone through this list, you are free to use any of these apps and start your beautiful journey.

For further questions, reach us in the comment box below.


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