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Updated: Best Minecraft Enchantments You Can Apply to Everything

Most weapons, tools, and armor in Minecraft are eligible to be enchanted. Enchantments can be added to your gear by making use of enchanted books or experience level at an anvil. Best Minecraft Enchantments.

They come very handily in the game and they will improve your tools and gear with better speed, utility, durability, survivability, and more. Enchanting goes together with brewing and potions for buffing your character.

Though some types of enchantments are better for some kinds of situations, however, you can follow this list for each piece of equipment, the best overall enchantments in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments

The following enchantments (Best Minecraft Enchantments) can be applied to all types of armor.

  • Chest plates
  • Boots
  • Helmets
  • Leggings

PROTECTION IV: It’s important that all armor pieces have this enchant. For every level of the enchant, it adds a 4% reduction in damage. For instance, Protection II adds 8% reduction damage (Level 2 * 4%) and Protection IV adds 16% damage reduction (Level 4 * 4%). So, you will take 64% less damage if all four of your armor pieces have Protection IV.

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MENDING: Your armors are automatically repaired using experience orbs. Let’s sight an instance — for every time you kill a zombie, XP orbs would drop and automatically repair your armor. This enchant is very useful, for that, you can only get it from finding mending enchant books — trading, chests, fishing, etc. Enchanting tables can’t be used to enchant mending.

UNBREAKING III: Before armor breaks from durability, they last longer. At unbreaking level III, each armor piece lasts up to about 40% longer before it eventually breaks or requires repairs.


Replacing Protection IV with another damage-reducing enchants is very much possible. However, they come in handy only in some specific situations while Protection IV is very much helpful in any situation at all.

Thorns III is an enchant that destroys attackers. In most cases, It is not worth using as it makes your armor break more quickly.


  • Protection IV, Mending, and Unbreaking III
  • Aqua Affinity : At normal speeds, Best Minecraft Enchantments, it allows you to mine and dig underwater. If this enchant is not present, while swimming, you mine 5x slower.
  • Respiration III : This is responsible for extending your breathing underwater by 45 seconds. When making use of this enchant, you will be able to swim underwater for longer periods of time. 


  • Protection IV, Mending, and Unbreaking III enchant
  • No other enchants are needed here.


  • Protection IV, Mending, and Unbreaking III 


  • No other enchants need to be added here.


  • Protection IV, Mending, and Unbreaking III enchant
  • Feather Falling IV : Falling damage gets reduced by about 50% with this. A maximum fall damage reduction is achieved by 80% when Protection IV enchant is being stacked on at least two pieces of armor.
  • Depth Strider III OR Frost Walker II : You can only use one of these enchants to be on your boots, so the one you pick will depend on what you prefer. Depth strider enchants allow you to swim faster and when you get to level III, you can swim as fast as how you walk on land. Frost Walker enchant on the other hand, turns water into ice thereby allowing you to walk on water when you step on the ice. Frost walker also removes damages when walking on campfires and magma blocks.

Best Minecraft Enchantments for Weapons and Tools

Mending and Unbreaking III should be put where possible on all tools and weapons, just like armor. One exception that is special is the bow because if you have mended, you can not have the infinity enchantments. We will talk more on this in this section below:


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Sharpness V : The damage done by 6.25(Bedrock Edition) or 3 (Java Edition) has been increased. So, for increasing melee damage, this is a very useful enchant.
  • Smite V : This is quite helpful by increasing the damage done to undead mobs. However, this cannot be used if Sharpness V is added to your sword. Therefore it is better you choose Sharpness V enchant as it increases damage against all enemies.
  • Sweeping Edge III : Sweeping damage has been increased by 75%. You should note that this enchant is not available in the bedrock edition of Minecraft.
  • Looting III :The items dropped by mobs has been increased by this. It is a very useful enchant, especially when it comes to things like wither skeleton skull farming.

These enchant listed below are optional, based on your play style and preferences.

 Knockback II: This pushes your attackers away when you hit them, which can be either helpful or annoying.

Fire Aspect II: this simply sets your enemies on fire.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Sharpness V – Just like the same function it performs on swords, it increases melee damage significantly done.
  • Efficiency V –This increases the speed used in woodcutting significantly. This is a must if you are making use of an axe for chopping down trees.
  • Silk Touch or Fortune III – one of these two enchants should be picked based on the actual one you prefer. They are not entirely necessary for axes specifically. With silk touch, blocks drop in their original form. Take for instance, if a grass block has been dropped, instead of dirt, it will still drop grass blocks. Fortune III enchant increases the number of items dropped only. Say for instance, you break leaves, instead of the leaves you break, you will get more apples and saplings.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Fortune III or Silk Touch – For your pickaxe, you have to make a choice between the Minecraft enchants Silk Touch and Fortune III because you can not use the both at the same time. It is recommended you use Fortune III because it increases mining drops. Examples: redstone dust,emeralds,diamonds, and lapis lazuli. Silk touch on the other hand lets you to mine stone blocks that can be used in building things like castles.
  • Efficiency V: it is useful in helping you break blocks quickly as it increases mining speed significantly. This Minecraft enchantment is highly recommended as it improves your mining speed drastically.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Efficiency V –  It is an enchant that you must have, it significantly increases digging speed. When your Efficiency enchant levels are high, any dirt you click on will be dug up instantly.
  • Silk Touch – This lets you harvest things like snow, grass blocks, ice, etc. Though you can skip this enchant as it is only necessary if you need these blocks.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Luck of the Sea III – the chances of finding junk while fishing is reduced with this. Luck of the Sea III enchant increases your chances of finding treasure and improves your loot while you are fishing.
  • Lure III – the speed at which you attract fish to your bobble is increased by this. This particular Minecraft enchantment increases the amount of fish you can catch per hour, including treasures.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Efficiency V – Speed at which shear breaks blocks is greatly increased by the Efficiency.
  • Silk Touch – This lets you harvest leaf blocks from trees. Silk Touch enchant is really useful if you need leaves for building gardens, fountains, fake trees, shrubs, and so on.


  • Unbreaking III Enchant
  • Power V – This is highly recommended for killing monsters really fast. It increases arrow damage from a bow. 
  • Infinity – Infinity enchant lets you shoot arrows infinitely without making use of any arrow. Best Minecraft Enchantments You will be able to use your bow any how you want and as much as you want to but you need to have at least one arrow in your inventory skill. Note that if the bow has infinity, the mending enchantment cannot be added. 
  • Flame – Flame enchant causes additional damage to your opponents as it sets your arrows on fire. Blocks such as woods or trees cannot be set on fire using flame arrows. Flame arrows can only set animals, players or mobs on fire. When it is raining, the flame enchantment does not work.
  • Punch II – Though this is optional, the Punch enchant will knock targets when an arrow hits them. The Punch enchantment is sometimes annoying so it is up to you if you want it on your bow or not.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Quick Charge III – Quick Charge enchant reduces the time your crossbow takes to reload. Similar to a bow, this enchant makes your crossbow reloads more quickly. 
  • Piercing IV or Multishot – On a crossbow, you need to only have one amongst the two Minecraft enchants. Multishot enchants let you shoot 3 arrows at once while making use of only one arrow. Piercing enchant gives your arrow the chance to shoot through entities, hitting plenty of enemies at once. Generally, the better enchantment for a crossbow is Piercing. 


  • Unbreaking III and Mending enchant
  • Impaling V – Impaling enchant increases the damages caused by the trident. It is recommended that Impaling enchant be added to all tridents.
  • Loyalty III and Channeling, OR Riptide III only – You will have to pick between adding Loyalty III AND Channeling, OR only Riptide III. Loyalty enchant will return the trident to you  automatically after throwing it. While, Riptide III enchant will allow you to make use of your trident as a means of transportation. It does this by moving your character to the location that you throw it.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending enchant
  • Other than Mending and Unbreaking III enchant, no other additional enchants can be added here.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Other than Mending and Unbreaking III enchant, no other additional enchants can be added here.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  •  Other than Mending and Unbreaking III enchant, no other additional enchants can be added here.


  • Unbreaking III and Mending Enchant
  • Other than Mending and Unbreaking III enchant, no other additional enchants can be added here.


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