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Airtel Airtime Promo: How To Earn N800 Profit On Every Airtime Purchase

Airtel airtime promo seems to have come into existence for quite long indeed I don’t know if you noticed that, but we’ve just discovered new ways or method which can make you get the airtel airtime promo it’s implied to be informed of profit like what you buy implies what you will get, you are confused, right?  Don’t worry we will bring an explanation to that. 


Airtel network provider want to do their part to help people when they stay at home due to the lock down, so they decide to bring a program which involves profit that when you buy some set of airtime and sell you will get some airtime as profit which seen like an airtel airtime promo to me. 


We also write about how to buy airtel on airtel via my airtel app which is self-explanatory that will help you to get this airtel airtime promo And get your airtime profit we move further to gain more proof for this airtel promo. 


According To Airtel

This implies when you buy and sell airtime on airtel via my airtel app you will gain profit for it let hit nail on the head. 


Airtel network provider also proceed to say 

That is equivalent when you purchase ₦20,000 airtime for sell, you will earn airtime profit of ₦800 that is some big profit and something like a promo from airtel cause most people out there find it difficult to gain that kinds of profits daily, so you can stand a chance to win this airtelairtime promo now. 


Now let us proceed and show you how this works. 


How to Get Airtel Airtime Promo When I Purchase Airtime On Airtel 


  1. We’ve already explained this above via on how Airtel has said on their page.
  2. To purchase airtel go to your airtel app which is called my airtel app.
  3. Strictly recommended that the airtime should be purchased on the app.
  4. When you purchase airtime worth of 10k 10,000 you will get a profit of ₦400.
  5. When it’s  20,000 you will get a profit of ₦800 which is quite easy.
  6. All you have to do is to get the app start buying and selling to get profit straight forward. 

Airtel Airtime Promo

You can learn more about how to buy airtime on airtel by following the steps provided here

Airtel still provide a lot of benefits for using their app, so it recommended that you use it, since it also make things easier.

We move forward to provide you with more airtel airtime promo stuff in the future stay tuned with us on telegram as we update our viewer there mostly. 



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