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How To Get Airtel 5G for N1000, Airtel 1.5GB for 300 And 250MB for N50

Here comes another cheap and affordable airtel plan pack which is said to be the latest and recently added airtel plan pack. Which you can now get airtel 5GB data for as low as N1000, airtel 1.5GB for N300, airtel 250MB for N50 and airtel 75MB for N20 wow awesome right.


Let’s dive into it this is a new data plan which seems to be sim selective but we’ve have currently test it on upto 5 airtime sim and its work respectively which sim to be that we are eligible for the plan let’s get to know how we can get airtel 5GB for 1000 and other let’s go. 


How To Know If You Are Eligible For The Latest Airtel Data Pack

  • Once you’ve gotten your airtel sim ready. 
  • Dial the following code *141*242#, then you will be provided with the below option. Airtel 5GB for N1000
  • The option will be provided to you only if you are eligible for the plan. 
  • You will see the list of the airtel data from 5GB, 1.5GB, 250MB and 75MB. 
  • Respectively, so you need to know how you can activate the plan. 


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How Activate Airtel 5GB For N1000

  1. You need to know if you are eligible for the airtel new pack. 
  2. Then dial the code *141*242# and select the 5GB plan. 
  3. The plan which is stated on number 4 makes select on it. 
  4. And select the one time offer so that the plan won’t auto renew itself. Airtel 1.5GB for N300
  5.  But make sure you have airtel airtime N1000 on your line. 
  6. Complete the subscription process and finally you have activated your airtel 5GB for 1000.


How To Activate Airtel 1.5GB For N300

  1. Dial the code to activate the airtel 1.5GB. 
  2. *141*242#, then select the option 4 which started the 1.5GB plan. 
  3. Select no not to auto renew, and make sure you have airtime of N300.Airtel 1.5GB for N300
  4. The subscription will be successful once the airtime is on your airtel line. 


How To Activate Airtel 250MB For N50

  1. Follow the same process such as. 
  2. Dialing the code *141*242#.
  3. Make selection on the 250MB plan. 
  4. And load N50 on your line. 
  5. Then disable auto renew for the plan not to auto renew itself. 


How To Activate Airtel 75MB For N20

  1. No much talk, still the same procedure to activate the airtel 75MB for N20.
  2. Dial the code *141*242# and select option one. 
  3. Option  1 which is the 75mb airtel plan. 
  4. Disable auto renew and make sure you have airtel worth of N20 on your airtel line before you carry out the process. 


That is all about the subscription and the activation process of the latest airtel plan pack. 


Things To Note About The Latest Airtel Plan Pack

  • The plan is mostly available for old airtel customers. 
  • New airtel subscribers might be able to get the plan activated on your line. 
  • The validation date of the plan will be stated once you’ve successfully subscribed or activated the plan. 
  • It’s recommended to carry out the activation process before you go ahead and buy then load the airtime before you subscribe to the plan. 
  • Once you try to subscribe to the plan with zero balance and you get insufficient balance messages, that implies that you are eligible for the plan. 


What are your thoughts about this latest airtel plan pack? 


Let’s hear from you view the comments section and join our telegram channel for fast updates. 


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