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Airtel 0.0 k Free Browsing 2023 – Airtel 500MB Daily Free Browsing

Here is another free browsing that brought to your doorstep it’s called airtel 0.0 K free browsing the work in 2023 which you will be able to browse with this free browsing using Airtel 500MB on a daily basis just like the MTN 500 MB free browsing cheat that you know about.

If you know about the mtn 500MB 0.0 K free browsing cheat then this should not be new to you for you are going to be able to browse without airtime or data on your airtel line using the latest Airtel 0.0 K free browsing that is data caps of 500MB on a daily basis.

Some Requirements

We like to list the requirements of the airtel 0.0K free browsing before we move forward to how you can set up the 0.0 K free browsing with your airtel line. 

  • An Airtel SIM card without data or airtime will be needed.
  • A VPN call UTloop V2 Ray will be needed.
  • Strong network connection.
  • A 3G or 4G enabled SIM card and phone device.
Airtel 0.0 k free browsing

How to activate the Airtel 0.0 K free browsing 2023 500MB daily free browsing cheats.

  1. Once you download the VPN from the above link download to install and open it.
  2. After you install it you will need a little data on your phone or on your line so that you can use it to update the current configuration file.
  3. Go ahead and click on the menu section then find the option menu stated as update configuration or config files.
  4. Click on it and let it update to the current configuration file.
  5. Once it’s updated you can now go to the trick section on the main menu. 
  6. Select Airtel 500 MB daily.
  7. On the main menu section click on connect and wait for it to connect.
  8. But make sure you have turned on your airtel data connection or mobile data connection.
  9. Which will make it connect randomly with your airtel line.
  10. And make sure your airtel is 0.0 k same time and data free which does not contain any airtime or data on the line that you are going to use with the free browsing.
  11. Once it connects you can now start browsing with your airtel line is not unlimited for it’s just 500 MB daily data caps.

Once you finish the 500MB you have to wait till the next day before you can get to use another  500MB on a daily basis and you must always make sure your airtel line comes with no airtime or data 0.0k free browsing 2023 free browsing cheats.

Without the VPN you won’t be able to make use of such free browsing on your airtel line so make sure you download the VPN on your mobile phone using the above download link and try to browse with your address in.

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Let us know if this connects for you the current speed that you are having on the airtel 0.0 K free browsing in the comments section.

See you in the next article that might contain free browsing cheat.


We are not in any way supportive of any free browsing tips that you might found useful on our website for it’s a post or something that exists online already which we wish to share and notify the ISP online so they can know what is going on on the Internet so we are not in any way responsible for any free browsing or data cheat that you might find on this website.


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