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Afrihost Free 1GB Mtn – How To Get Yours

You might have been hearing about the Afrihost free 1 GB that has been stated for most MTN prepaid users in South Africa which will enable you to get the free 1 GB for 3 months make it to be 3 GB in sun yes you hear about it and you don’t know how you can get yours you have not to land yourself in the rightful place where you will learn how to get the free Afrihost app 1GB data for MTN users. 

We are going to be talking about how you can claim this your Afrihost app free data which I won’t lead you to any stress by following and getting some other requirements on this article we are going to be showing you everything you need that will help you to get the Afrihost South Africa free 1GB data or 3 GB in general. 

About Afrihost

Afrihost, in general, our internet service provider that is based in South Africa which is now providing their service to different kinds of people so has to make much more people know about them they now come about the Afrihost app that can its uses to now get free 1 GB amount of data for some months. 

Apart from the other issue on the data that you would like to get from his platform, he should also know they provide some other services like the fiber fixed wireless mobile service and web hosting for their uses and some other services that you will get to know about them once you gain access to this platform yourself

Your mobile up is such a normal mobile app that you can install on your smartphone so as to gain access and to know how you can make use of this service on your mobile phone which won’t lead you to any stress just like all the internet service provider mobile apps like my MTN app and my airtel app that we all know about. 

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As other internet service providers operate, the Afrihost app also allows you to check your network status, make payments, buy airtime, and bundle the same on the app. All this process can also be carried out once you gain access to the app as a user. 

So now we are going to be diving into the process of how you can use or how you can get your own Afrihost free 1GB data. 

What is needed to get the Afrihost free 1GB data?

As an MTN prepaid user, you should know that you need some requirement that allows you to get the free 1 GB from list latest internet service provider which is listed below

  • You will need to download the afrihost app which you can get from Play Store or by clicking here
  • The service that you are now due to get the free 1 GB is for MTN prepaid users so you will need a prepaid SIM card. 
  • Then follow up with the listed below so as to get your own free data loaded to your own Sim. 

How to get afrihost free 1GB data mtn on afrihost app

  1. Once you download the app from the link provided above all from Play Store. 
  2. Open it after it has successfully installed on your mobile device. 
  3. Using internet service to access the app you will need to select airmobile prepaid. 
  4. Then you’ll be provided with a button that will allow you to claim your free 1 GB which is stated that you have not claimed it for that month. 
  5. You should see the button that you can use to claim the Afrihost free 1GB in green. 
    afrihost free 1GB
  6. You cannot select it after that the process will need to be confirmed after the government shows it is done. The free 1 GB will not be loaded to your Afrihost account. 

Then you have just activated your free when you go and buy data for that specific month which can also be activated in the next month. 

Things to note

  • If you fail to redeem the Afrihost free 1GB for that month or for any specified mode the offer will expire which cannot be seen in the grey button. 
  • Once you access the Afrihost app and you see that the GB of her button is painted in green, the button is highlighted in green, then you should know that you have not claimed the data for that month. 
  • The data used to expire if you failed to claim or make use of it for any specified month. 
  • You can enjoy or keep redeeming the data for every single month up to 3 months after you redeem this first one which is all together 3GB. 

This is more or less like free browsing for any of our South Africa visitors so do you want to always come back to check and look into some other related article see you around next time.


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