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Learn how to – 3 Optimizations for Esports on Android

Learn how to – 3 Optimizations for Esports on Android.

Image source: Unsplash

The esports boom over recent years has resulted in the phenomenon of competitive gaming breaking through to mainstream audiences. Now odds on major esports events can be found alongside conventional sports on leading comparison platforms like OddsChecker, and major brands – from Nike to BMW – are heavily investing in sponsorship deals with rising teams and athletes. Among this flurry of speculation, one sub-sector is quietly seeking to establish itself as the definitive future of the community: mobile esports.

While esports gaming on Android represents, at present, a niche concern among the wider industry, the latent potential in this sector is enormous. With 83% of the global population already in possession of a smartphone (and 70% of those running a variant of Android), this market is predicted to enjoy enormous growth over the next few years. 

Yet while esports gaming on mobile is objectively more accessible to the average gamer, issues of software fragmentation and disparities in hardware can potentially hold back organic growth. Fortunately, there are some simple steps any Android user can take in order to optimize their device for competitive gaming – let’s have a look at the best of these below.

Smartphone LAN Connection

For the serious esports gamer, a reliable internet connection is essential. This can usually be achieved by gaming within a clear view of your internet router – however, for those wanting to employ a no-compromise solution there is an alternative. 

Few realize it’s possible to purchase Ethernet to Micro-USB/USB-C adapters online which can give you a reliable and stable wired connection to your home internet.

Console-Grade Inputs

One of the biggest obstacles to quality smartphone gaming is the input method. Touch controls are extremely intuitive and helpful when browsing Instagram, but when it comes to gaming, physical buttons with tactile feedback are always going to be the superior option. 

Fortunately there are a number of low-cost peripheral attachments you can buy to turn your phone into a gaming powerhouse. These range from dedicated mobile controllers, such as the Razer Kishi, to mounts that enable you to connect an existing Bluetooth controller to your phone. 

Avoid Thermal Throttling

Smartphones are typically designed to be sleek, thin and lightweight. While this makes them aesthetically appealing, it doesn’t bode well for their thermal efficiency. While modern phones are very capable of managing their heat-load under normal use, resource hungry tasks like gaming can quickly lead to thermal throttling. 

One of the best ways to minimize this risk is to buy an attachable active cooling fan like the Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro which can massively boost your phone’s performance and ability to endure extended play sessions.


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