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WPS Spin And Win: Earn Free $100, iPhone 14 & Other Cash Prize On lucky Wheel Campaign

A new campaign has been launched by WPS which is said to be called the double WPS lucky Wheel Campaign, in some cases is being called the WPS spin and win promo that can help you win cash prizes like iPhone, MacBook Amazon gift cards and so on and so forth. 

So in this article, we are going to be talking about the latest spin and win campaign that has just been set out by WPS, the normal file that you know to carry out the process of executing our documents. 

Don’t believe behind the double ups lucky wheel campaign is the same thing that is being carried out by the popular document reader application that you know out there. 

This promo or campaign is more or less like a new year offer to their respective use as that has been making use of the WPS PDF reader or other document readers like doc files and so on and so forth. 

In this article, we are going to be covering how you can partake in this campaign that can just be set out by WPS spin and win promo. 

And we tell you later about this WPS app if you don’t know about them before but before you move further. 

You should know that the promo consists of WPS lucky wheels that can end your cash prizes like a $100 or $50 Amazon gift card MacBook Air and iPhone 14 device and so on and so forth. 

About WPS Spin And Win Promo

The WPS spin and win promo it’s a procedure that you will carry out on the WPS application itself which we provided with a tab. 

For you to create and Spin around the cash prize that is listed on the board it Might result in you winning a particular cash prize. 

But you should know at the back of your mind that the WPS app or in some cases that is called the WPS office is a document file reader that carries out mostly the process of reading your file like PDF Excel word and so on documents like spreadsheets PowerPoint and more. 

What Is WPS

The full meaning of the word WPS is said to be the writer’s presentation and spreadsheet in other words you call it mostly WPS office so as not to gain in any confusion. 

As you said earlier you can use it to read your document file like Word document PDF Excel that is capable of Reading spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, cloud storage online editing, and so on and so forth. 

The word WPS is just a name that is given to a mobile application that is capable of carrying out what Microsoft Office can do on a Windows operating system but this lightly carries out its own process on smartphone devices

Anytime you call WPS to make sure you attach an office to eat so as to make things go clearly. 

So the platform is carrying out a campaign that is called WPS Lucky Wheel Campaign which is what actually brought about this article and it’s what we also call spin the lucky wheel and win in reference to the WPS spin and win promo. 

What Is WPS Lucky Wheel Campaign 

In a campaign that is set aside for people to earn some cash price from using their application WPS office. 

So if you have one that has the Makings of WPS as your document reader then it’s recommended for you to partake in the WPS lucky wheel campaign, for it’s a win-win campaign that can actually choose a lucky winner from spinning the wheel. 

Once you are approaching to spin any wheel you can go ahead to win yourself an ios device off iPhone 14 128GB, MacBook Air, an Amazon gift card of $100 or $50, and a WPS premium of 30% off whenever you want to subscribe to their plan. 

Handsome all the cash price that is attached to this promo is something like getting a 7-day Free  WPS premium trial. 

WPS lucky Wheel Campaign

So if you wish to partake or participate in this WPS spin and win promo then you should try to read this article to the end. 

How To Partake On The WPS Spin And Win Lucky Wheel Campaign 

  • For you to partake in the WPS pin and win promo you will certainly need to download and install the WPS office application on your device. 
  • That can be done by following the front page on your Google Play Store make sure you install it to your device if you are not making use of the app before. 
  • But if you have certainly been making use of WPS APK or application for quite a long time then all you need to do is to visit your app store or Play Store to update the application. 
  • Then you cannot go ahead to sign into the app using your Google account or Gmail. 
  • After you sign in on the app check around on the main menu you should see the options button at the left corner of the application that is stated as Spin. 
  • Click on the page that is reading the message so as to locate the WPS lucky wheel campaign page. 

You will need to select the start spinning for the campaign to activate you can learn how you can end more Spain from the spin and win promo below. 

Download WPS Office Apk

Use the download page to get the direct download link to the WPS office apk so as to get it installed on your device respectively. 

App name WPS Office 
Type Documents Reader
Version  16.8.5
Download Size 65MB

Download Here

How To Earn More Spin From The WPS Spin & Win Campaign 

There are a lot of things that you can do so as to help you any more Spain on the double ups lucky wheel campaign which are. 

  1. Once you sign in to your double ups account you should end yourself one free spin. 
  2. Two spins can earn or more once you partake in the WPS awareness quiz. 
  3. In the premium section, you should be able to earn more in Spain by completing the WPS premium quiz. 
  4. Visitation to the template store can also earn you more Spin. 
  5. An academy that is set aside by WPS gives out free Spin as well. 
  6. Using the PDF features with your WPS office can also be a new one-time spin. 
  7. Once you try to convert your PDF file to WPS office this process can trigger free spin for you. 
  8. Using the WPS occupation in the office gets you one more spin. 
  9. Previously edited document on the ups when resuming on reward spin. 
  10. OCR on the baby office you try can earn you one free spin. 
WPS spin and win

There are many ways that you can earn more spin on the WPS pin and win promo which you will know about once you try to participate in the program yourself. 

How To Win Big Prizes On WPS Lucky Wheel Campaign 

One of the best ways or tricks that you can use to earn prizes on the double WPS lucky wheel campaign is by accumulating enough in spin using the tips that will provide above. 

Make sure you have at least five spins. I make use of them at the same time to spin so as to win some amazing cash prizes on the WPS spin and win promo. 

There is no certainty that most people will actually win bigger prizes like the MacBook Pro and the iPhone device that was mentioned above. 

Because of our own discovery the major reason why the WPS office sent out this campaign was to make people know how their application works. 

And to get to subscribe to the WPS premium VIP version

Because most people that carry out or partake in this campaign or promo end up earning nothing why some were able to come out with a $100 Amazon gift card which we have not seen any response from the cash price like Apple MacBook Air and the iPhone 14 device. 

So make sure you earn enough spins before you can think of spinning on the wheel so as to be lucky enough to earn some cash prizes. 

Now you would like to know how you can claim your reward or cash prizes. 

How To Claim My Rewards or Prizes On WPS Spin and Win Promo/Campaign

After you have been rewarded or you have won a prize on the WPS pin and win promo all you need is to follow up with the procedures below. 

  • When you’ve won from the WPS Lucky Wheel campaign, you will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your price with the WPS office. 
  • So it is highly recommended you sign in to the WPS application or sign in to your WPS account correctly. 
  • So as not to lose any of your prices, in some cases, you might close the price tab or page without claiming it. 
  • All you need to do is to click on the my prizes tab that you can find on the lucky wheel campaign page. 
  • Then you can now confirm your prize and claim it from there. 

If you win a free trial of the WPS premium after you sign in again to your double ups account the free trial premier Service will be activated automatically on your WPS account. 

But still, a confirmation email will be sent to the email used to register your WPS account after you win any prizes. 

Bottom Line 

We have made our final review on the ongoing campaign which is the WPS pin and win promo which is not less for you to know how you will make use of the information that has been provided by us. 

In case you have any further question-answer problems or something you would like to add to this article then you can do that in the discussion section. 

The Review

WPS Spin And Win


The WPS spin and win promo it’s a procedure that you will carry out on the WPS application itself which we provided with a tab. For you to create and Spin around the cash prize that is listed on the board it Might result in you winning a particular cash prize.


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