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           Who is a vet doctor? A vet doctor is someone who has successfully completed the study of  Veterinary medicine at an accredited veterinary collage. Veterinary medicine is a Medical specialty concerned with the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the health of domestic and wild animals and with the prevention of transmission of animal diseases between animals and to people.

Personnel responsible for this are known as veterinarian doctors. A veterinarian is a medical professional who protects the health and well-being of both animals and people. They diagnose and control animal diseases and treat sick and injured animals. They also advise owners on proper care of their pets and livestock. Veterinarians provide a wide range of services in private practice, teaching, research, government service, public health, military service, private industry, and other areas.


There are up to three different veterinary outlets in utako district of abuja mainly concentrated around the vicinity of the utako modern market; and for each of the outlet, there are veterinary doctors attached who are capable and duely certified to give care and other forms of veterinary services to pets and their owners. As at the date of publication of this article, the following are the names and phone contacts of very qualified and duely certified vet doctors operating in and around Utako district of Abuja (1) Dr ifeanyi 08134241200, 08095559297. (2) Dr chinasa 08030746749.

       In many countries, the local nomenclature for a veterinarian is a regulated and protected term, meaning that members of the public without the prerequisite qualifications and/or licensure are not able to use the title. In many cases, the activities that may be undertaken by a veterinarian (such as treatment of illness or surgery in animals) are restricted only to those professionals who are registered as a veterinarian. For instance, in Nigeria as in other jurisdictions, animal treatment may only be performed by registered veterinary physicians (with a few designated exceptions, such as Para veterinary workers), this does not include a person who is not registered to call themselves a veterinarian, prescribe any drugs, or perform treatment.

          The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association is the umbrella of all Veterinary Surgeons who are registered with the Veterinary Council of Nigeria. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine must train at a university for at least six years to obtain a doctoral degree – the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. Veterinarians are educated to protect the health of both animals and humans.  Not only do they address the health needs of a wide variety of animal species, they also play a critical role in environmental protection, food safety, animal welfare and public health.  A licensed veterinarian can work in several different areas including private practice, government, teaching, research or industry.

            The single largest employment group in veterinary medicine in Nigeria is private practice. This includes small, large and mixed animal practices, as well as specialization in one type of species or discipline such as equine practice or surgery. The case is the same Utako, Abuja. Utako is an urban district located in Abuja Phase 2. The neighborhood sits directly to the north west of the city center. While primarily a residential area there are some commercial elements like market, motor parks, hotels, plaza, etc. It is a green district with open spaces and recreational parks dotted in its vicinity.

            Sited minutes away from the Central Area, this neighborhood hosts many high-end businesses such as restaurants and nightclubs, which makes it one of the more popular places in Abuja. You can also find several hotels scattered across the district. The Utako neighborhood is a destination for others from around the capital who come to enjoy the districts many amenities. It is mainly a residential area. It has good road network and there are many beautiful residential houses.  Evidence of pet presence could be seen in many of these homes and businesses alike thereby creating an opening for animal practice of any size  in the area.


    the veterinary shops seen in utako district include vet planet Nigeria and biosoft veterinary. These shops when visited has some very qualified vet doctors attached to them. These vet doctors in utako district of abuja can very well be referred to as top notch veterinarians. Veterinarians ensure health maintenance and disease prevention among companion and food producing animals. This means that veterinarians need to be well-informed about emerging diseases in animals, maintain a thorough knowledge of available products used to treat animals, use the latest diagnosis and treatment techniques, and educate clients about zoonosis —animal diseases that can be shared between animals and humans.

           As majority of veterinarians are employed in private practice treating animals, Small animal veterinarians typically work in veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, or both. Large animal veterinarians often spend more time travelling to see their patients at the primary facilities which house them, such as zoos or farms.

As in the case of Utako, veterinary businesses such as pet shops and veterinary clinics are owned and run by licensed vet doctors who are available on demand and for call ins while also providing  a wide range of services to their clients. One of such notable business establishments is Vet planet Nigeria.


Vet planet Nigeria, banner seen from utako market gate.VetPlanet Online Pet & Agro Shop in Nigeria

Vet planet Nigeria is very easy to locate within utako modern market. Google map can easily direct anybody seeking to visit vet planet Nigeria, at shop stc6, utako modern market, behind fidelity bank plc.

  Our Veterinarians typically do the following:

  • Examine animals to diagnose their health problems
  • Treat and dress wounds
  • Perform surgery on animals
  • Test for and vaccinate against diseases
  • Operate medical equipment, such as x-ray machines
  • Advise animal owners about general care, medical conditions, and treatments
  • Prescribe medication
  • Euthanize animals when necessary
  • Advises owners about animal feeding, behavior and breeding

  Ways you can Benefits from our vet doctors

Early Detection of Disease

If your dog or cat is in the early stages of a disease, it will show up in their regular checkup so they can start treatment right away. Early diagnosis and treatment of a disease can prevent unnecessary pain and suffering and help your pet recover quicker.

Preventative Health Care

At vet planet our vet doctors offer preventive health care plans for pets in their care. This plan can help your pet stay healthy longer. your visits provide an opportunity for you to discuss pet care issues such as diet, exercise, vaccinations, medications, etc. with our vet doctors to stay on top of your pet’s care.

Bad Behavior

If your dog or cat is displaying bad behavior, our vet doctors may be able to help by assessing your pet’s mental and emotional state. Our vet doctors are good at caring for every aspect of your pet to include his mental, emotional and physical state.

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets can greatly benefit from what a vet planets vet doctors has to offer in the way of pet care. Older dogs and cats are more susceptible to illness, accidents, and loss of cognitive function. At a vet planet, your senior pet can receive the comprehensive care he needs to improve his quality of life in his senior years.

When you have a pet, regular vet checkups should be a priority. At Vet planet , you can expect the best of holistic care for your canine or feline companion.


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