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How To Earn Upto 10K Daily From VestPay – Vestpay N500 Referral Bonus

If you know about VPD bank then this vestpay program should not be new to you, as you can see VPD pay anybody that you invite to there bank N500 for referral bonus same as vestpay you get N500 per person you bring to register, join and start carrying out transactions on the bank by adding there card and more other stuff you should know about vestpay.

Vestpay platform offers this bonus to gain more members so use this referral program now to get what you can get from vestpay referral progress and earn yourself some fund or money 10k,  50k depending on your capability let’s get to know more about vestpay. 

What Is Vestpay

Vestpay is more or less like piggyvest online saving platform which you earn some interest to the money which you invest on the platform vestpay is new platform or was just discovered by most people which they pay anybody you invite to there platform 500 referral program once the person you referral start making transactions on the platform you can get to know more about how the bank operate. 

If you know about piggyvest before then vestpay should not be new to you. Let’s get to know how to join vestpay and invest, register and apply for their referral program. 

How To Join Vestpay

You will need to have a vestpay app that you can download on play store or app store before you can be able to register on the app, some info like your bank details and your card will be needed for you to link with your vestpay account once you open the account successfully. 

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How To Register On Vestpay 

  • Once you download the vestpay app and also install the app on your device open it to start registration. 
  • Open the app and you will be asked to log-in or register. Vestpay registration page
  • Click on the register button, then you will ask to provide some information about yourself. 
  • The information which entails, your full names and date of birth.
  • Information you are to provide must correspond with your local bank or BVN details. 
  • Provide the Information about yourself and proceed to the next page. 
  • On the next page provide your phone number, email and referral code. 
  • Your vestpay referral code is Aliyu_Ismail_72 after you provide the details.
  • Your email phone number and referral code  Aliyu_Ismail_72 proceed to create your account. 
  • You will be asked to verify your email and OTP will be sent instantly to your account.
  • Go copy or note the OTP on the space provided for it then verify your email using the button. Vestpay registration login page
  • Next page you will be asked to provide your bank details attached with your BVN. 
  • You can choose to skip that so that you can add or verify that later. Not compulsory to add it instantly. 
  • Now log-in to your account which you just create now and add your card or atm. 

How To Add Card To Vestpay 

  • Once you’ve log-in to your vestpay account. 
  • Click on settings that the button is located right below of the app. 
  • Find the option menu called “Payments” And click on it. Vestpay payment page
  • Now select my card and hit on the button add card.
  • Provide your card details which you will be charged N10 for that. 
  • that’s all you have just add your add to you vestpay account which will earn you N500 once your account has been verified. 

We talked about N500 referral bonus right, it’d be easy to get when you do the necessary things just by inviting people to the platform using your invitation code or invite code and also by using your referral code or referral link let’s get yo know how you can get your invitation or invite code. 

  • Once you’ve logged in to your account. 
  • On the main menu scroll down. 
  • Locate the invite and earn N500 buttons. Vestpay invite code
  • Click on the button you will see your invite link and invite code on the page. Vestpay Referral Code
  • Then use the share button to share your invite link to your friends on WhatsApp. 
  • From there you can get your invite or referral code and referral link. 

Use your invite code to invite your friends and earn N500 once they add their bank card or ATM to their account for once. Invite 10 people and earn N5000 more people earn you more funds. 

The Withdrawal process is easy and straightforward. Let’s get to know more about it. 

Terms And Conditions Apply To Vestpay Referral Bonus

It’s was stated that every member both the referral and you, which mean both you and the person you invite to the platform must save to the platform any amount no minimum amount of money that you need to save just go ahead and save any amount as the terms and conditions that was just added by vestpay referral bonus save for at least 7days before you can get your N500 bonus and referral bonus.

According To Vestpay

The terms of service of referral earnings requires you and your referred person to create a savings target on the app and save for at least 7 (seven) days to get your earnings credited to your account.

— Vestpay by Farmsponsor (@VestPay) January 25, 2021

How To Save On Vestpay

  • Log-in to your vestpay account and let it load completely.
  • Locate the save button that can be find below menu option of the app seen on screenshots below.Saving on vestpay
  • Click on the + button that is labeled with New Saving Target.
  • You will be provided with your saving target page.
  • Give the title, reason of savings target you like to save and how you want to save frequently.How to save on vestpay
  • Then click the continue buttons.
  • Now selected amount you want to save and time you want to being the savings and time you want it to end.

By following the process above then you have successful save on vestpay you can cancel the saving at any time if you feel like you don’t want to save again.

Graphic Illustrations Of Vestpay Saving Mod

Vestpay pay saving
How to save on vestpay

How To Withdraw On Vestpay 

  • Once you open the app you will see some amount of money on your account. 
  • It will be provided on your total balance as shown below. 
  • Click on the balance, tap on your total balance again.
  • Then you will see the withdrawal button click on it. Vestpay withdraw process
  • Then you will see space to add your bank account. 
  • Provide your account details which your bank name should be the same name you use to open your vestpay account. 
  • After you have provided your bank details go ahead and provide the amount you want to withdraw. 
  • Provide your account password and proceed to the next page to withdraw your fund on vestpay. 

Note: Vestpay can stop this referral at any time so if you Miss it then all you have to do is to just stay tuned mostly on our telegram channel to get fast updates on more related online money making tips. 

Video Guide

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug6HCl0Zxdk[/embedyt]

Withdrawal Prove

Vestpay withdraw prove

Hope you earn on Vestpay? 

Let us know in the comment section. 


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