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Twoo – Best Dating Site to meet Amazing People Closest To You

Looking for a place for Twoo? Well, here you have it. Twoo lets you connect with people from around the world. If you’re looking to meet new people then you can start here. you can start by meeting amazing people that are available all over the globe in relative stuff that will engage in a way to date each other or make actual friends with them.


Twoo is a social platform that connects users from around the world. The platform has been around for quite a while with millions of users. It allows you to meet new people and get social, it also stands as a platform to find a  date. The platform has been around since 2011, and since then millions of users have used the platform as a means to socialize, find a date, find friends, and connect with friends.

Twoo is totally free to use, you don’t have to subscribe to use the features the app provides. However, the platform has a premium plan. This premium plan is for those who want to enjoy extra features on the platform. But using the free plan is not bad either, you can still enjoy lots of features on the free plan, besides the premium features isn’t really a necessity just extra features.

What twoo premium plan has to offer

Below are some of the features the Twoo platform premium plan has to offer, you can consider going for the premium plan after reading this.

  • Ability to see who viewed your profile, this is an exclusive feature. You can simply see who viewed your profile and know who’s stalking.
  • Read receipt, although this feature comes free on other social platforms, it’s only available on the premium plan on Twoo it allows users to know if their messages has been read or not.
  • Change status to offline, you can browse the platform without anyone knowing you’re online.
  • No Ads, the free plan has some few ads but this premium plan doesn’t have any ads, so you’ll enjoy an ads free service.
  • View profile directly, on Twoo premium plan, you can directly view anyone’s profile without any obstacles.

How to register on the Twoo platform

Registering on the Twoo platform is no problem at all, registration is completely free and with the support of over 200 countries, you might definitely be lucky to get registered. follow the steps below to get it done swiftly.

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  • Open you phone browser and visit the website to the Twoo platform ( visit twoo.com to get started)
  • Fill in your details on the registration process, make sure your details are correct, then click on the captcha box to pass the captcha test.
  • After that, click on the sign up button to complete the registration and proceed to the next phase
  • In the next section you’ll be required to provide your picture, upload your picture and it’ll be used as your profile picture
  • Now, click on the continue button and a verification message will be sent to your provided email address, open your email address and complete the verification process.
  • You can as well use sign in using your Facebook details, it will automatically sign you in every time without the need for password.

Login to your Twoo account

To log in to your Twoo account, follow the steps below. 

  • Open your phone browser and visit the website link(twoo.com)
  • Now click on the login button and wait while you’re redirected to another page.
  • Fill in your details you register with ( email and password) and click on the login button.
  • You’ll now be redirected to your Twoo account successfully.

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