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Learn how to – Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro: Best Cleaner & Tune -Up Tool Around

Learn how to – Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro: Best Cleaner & Tune -Up Tool Around.

The world seems to be getting busier, crazier, faster, warmer, and riskier. The relative predictability that we enjoyed in the past is waning every single season. We are caught up in a technologically advanced world surrounded by devices, various communication channels, lots of work to do and plenty more challenges to ponder and solve. In the cacophony of it all, there is a high probability that you will forget to check and comb through what is happening in your personal life. You will suddenly realize that it has been a while since you dusted your cabinets or the space in your desktop or laptop is depleting at your watch.

Even though there are so many productivity applications that have been developed, they are mostly used and geared towards assisting organizations to align their projects, their team, and their time. Many people using Mac Books or Windows in their laptops end up having haphazard file organizations, duplicate files and directories as well as unwanted stuff that may end up lowering the performance of their computers apart from denying them the chance of saving recent and more relevant files. If in one way or another you find yourself in such a predicament, there is great news for you. Your computer which is one of the most important devices currently can be treated with the respect it deserves. Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro is here to do just that.

Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro is an application that will take away the headache and madness you encounter when you need to manage your files on your hard drive. It goes deep into your files looking for duplicates, old content you no longer need then gives you a suggestion of whether you would wish to keep them or not. 

Let’s give it a try, shall we?

Installation as Easy as 1-2-3

STEP 1: Download Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro and save it on your computer. To begin the installation, simply double-click the installer.

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STEP 2: After the installation completes, the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure window will appear. Just click on “Accept and Continue” to proceed.


STEP 3: Once that is done, you will be ushered in with a “Welcome” message. Click on “Accept and Continue” to accept the terms of the Trend Micro License Agreement.


Clean Up Time!

After the installation and License Acceptance, you can begin scanning your computer right away with Smart Scan. There is no wasting time with Trend Micro Cleaner One. Straight off click on “Scan Now“, and let Trend Micro Cleaner One begin its magic. “Smart Scan” combines the functionality of the essential Cleaner One Pro modules and triggers Cleaning, Acceleration, and Threat Protection.


The scan results provide us an overview of how we can optimize our computer.  


We can click on View Details to get more information such as the one shown below.4T0iAAwLgB6Br0 0llAXqjvX0oA0Jl8GAs99Nj3rfxSzLFPuDhlyG6p LWIGXvxJ6BkwuF1oHYYtOXcgWXpS3fbrMKQx H 8yFc8pjh1BdwTVYDLDvuN 0RVe4t3tMEHBnIG3IE

Some clean up (junk files, big files), optimization, and disk map features are free to use which are suitable for the daily routine of most users. 

On the other hand, if you would like to reclaim more space and further boost the performance of your computer, you can also upgrade to a full version. With the full version, advanced features such as duplicate file and registry cleaner, app manager, and more will be unlocked.

Picture 2

Let’s Activate Trend Micro Cleaner One

For this step, make sure you are connected to the internet. Click on “Unlock Full Version“.


Depending on whether you have the activation key or not, you will be presented with two options. You will either “Buy a License” or “Activate” it if you already bought one. Once we already have the license, we can go ahead and activate the full version of Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro.

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To activate, we just need to enter the license key, device name and email address, and click then hit “Activate“. 

Once activation is completed, click “Done. Then, the Cleaner One Pro window appears.


Remarkable Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro Features

This Cleaner program has got some cool features that you are going to enjoy using. 

They include the following:

  • Quick Menu Bar Tool 

An indispensable feature of Cleaner One is the Quick Menu Bar. It can be pinned on the taskbar so you can conveniently launch the Cleaner One Pro menu quickly.

The menu window will give you an insight into how your system resources are used and enable you to get quick access to some of its essential functions.

12-system tray.png

As shown above, you can have a quick view of your memory usage, CPU usage and existing junk files. Aside from that, it gives you real-time information about your network usage such as upload and download speeds.

When you feel your computer is slow, you can easily launch Cleaner One Pro from the taskbar and click Optimize, This will smartly release those resources clogging your system and optimize the memory usage, making your computer run smoothly. 

  • Smart Select:

As the name suggests, it “smartly” chooses which among the Duplicate Files and Similar Photos can be deleted so you don’t have to go through each file and check which ones needs to be removed.

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  •  Disk Map:

In some circumstances, you have no idea what’s taking up your storage. Sometimes those files cluttered on your computer might not be identified as junk and you forgot they’re on your hard drive. Trend Micro has a useful chart feature that gives you a visual breakdown of your storage usage to help you manage and keep track of your important files. To enable it, you simply have to click on “Disk Map” then “Scan Now“. 

Note that if you have two drives on your computer it offers you the option to select which drive to scan.

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Once the scan is done, you will be presented with an interesting chart that summarizes how your drives are doing in terms of their storage capacity. 

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You can see the folders that consume your storage. Then you can drill down to inspect the specific files that contribute to that. Likewise, you can just as easily hover over the arcs and check their contents as well as be informed (Suggestion) whether those files should not be removed, are risky to remove, or can be deleted only if needed. The work involved in combing through your folders and files is then alleviated.

  • Application and Startup Manager

The most remarkable thing about Trend Micro Cleaner is its ability to drill down into your applications and then give you just the insights you need to make decisions about them. For instance, it will tell you the last time you used given applications hence providing you the choice to either uninstall them to save on space and other resources or not. You can click on “App Manager” to view this information.


Nevertheless, we know better than when we have many applications that start during boot time then you should anticipate that your computer will be slow as it starts up. Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro has a Startup Manager to keep track of such programs that start automatically during boot-up that makes it quite simple to disable the ones you do not want to start as your computer boots. This increases your computer’s performance. 

Final Words

Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro solves the common concerns that computer users face in their day-to-day activities. Most of us are prone to installing applications for a given use then forget to uninstall once we are done with it. While some copy and paste files in different locations which bloat our personal computers’ hard drives. Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro only needs your single click to help you simplify your disk management issues. Give it a try today and experience the difference it will make in your workspace.


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