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Learn how to – Top-5 Most Effective Data Management Apps

Learn how to – Top-5 Most Effective Data Management Apps.

In a world that’s driven by data, it sometimes gets impossible to organize, control and interpret it. This is why data management apps come in to help you make sense of all the data around you. But with so many apps out there, how do you know which is the best one? How would you decide which app is the most effective? Well, let’s find out! 

Here are the top 5 most effective data management apps in 2021:

1. WALTR 2

Designed specifically for the rescue of iOS users, WALTR 2 is a much needed tool that everyone’s been looking for. Since iOS devices do not support direct music downloads or file transfers, users have to go through a lot of trouble to do something as simple as downloading a song. 

But with WALTR 2, they can say goodbye to all their worries because it solves all of their problems. This powerful desktop tool for Windows and Mac can easily transfer ANY file to ANY iOS device within a few seconds. You won’t even need to convert the file format beforehand because WALTR 2 makes any file iOS compatible during the transfer.

So you can drag and drop songs, videos, movies, documents, photos, eBooks and any data file directly to their native apps on your iOS device. So if you are wondering how to download music to iPod, this is the tool for you!

2. Microsoft Master Data Services

Many of the greatest data management tools come from Microsoft Master Data Services, a suite of tools to manage data. This platform lets you organize data in various types of models which you can update any time based on rules. You can also change who updates or has control of the data.

All of the data is synced across various systems with the help of a hub architecture by MDS. This helps users view and use data from multiple sources at one place. So it basically collects, organizes, syncs and makes data visible to any and all users.

3. Tableau

Tableau is an effective data management tool that reads complex data, simplifies it and presents it in the form of interactive data. This data visualization solution presents real-time data in the form of dashboards and worksheets by data collaboration. It specially comes pretty handy when trying to make sense of complex data. With Tableau, you can visualize data for users at any level in your organization.

4. Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 (SYC2) is yet another tool designed for iOS users that serves as an all-in-one converter, downloader and transfer tool. This desktop app allows users to convert, download and send any video or audio from over 60+ platforms to their iOS devices or PC. 

SYC2 supports YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Vimeo and over 60 other media platforms to download media files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It also lets you choose the desired video quality and format. You can also create trimless ringtones for your iOS devices using this tool.

5. Chartio

Chartio is a business analytics and intelligence tool based on cloud that analyzes data from various business applications. This interactive software comes with a drag and drop feature that lets you create, organize and transfer dashboards, communicate between databases in SQL mode, layer data, create data visualizations and charts as well as blend data to organize and attain actionable results. 

Here are some of its amazing features:

  • Query mode.
  • Drag & Drop Chart Creation.
  • Drag and Drop UI.
  • No-Limits Interface.
  • Drill Down & Pivot.
  • Powerful Filters.
  • Charts on Tablets & Phones.


So these are some of our top favorite data management apps that have proven to be effective every time. We hope you can try these out and make the most of them to make your life simpler!


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