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Timart Business App: Review & How To Earn Up to $70 or More

This platform is now set aside for review their official application is called the Timart business app that you have been hearing about. 

And you also wish to know how you can end at least $70 which is what is up to 50 k from Timart business. 

After you’ve completely registered and followed some guy by creating a business on this platform you should be able to earn 200 points which is equivalent to 200 in your main currency. 

You should get to know more about the platform if you will be through this article to know how you can end when you register on a platform. 

And we are going to be talking about what can help you end up to $70 or more from the Timart business app. 

About Timart Business 

The name of the platform implies Timart is said to be a business booking application that helps its users to create business and I’m from through their platform. 

Is a business management platform mostly designed to manage a business through the application which makes things too easy for its users. 

With the help of this application, you should be able to run any kind of business you are into either under computing, fashion, clothing entrepreneurship, and so on and so forth. 

You should be able to manage your business sales and track your expenses inflow and outflow on the timart business app. 

So I’m back from making money on this platform. You should be able to create a satisfying business for yourself. 

Now it’s time to know how you can end this particular platform. 

How To Earn From Timart Business App

Since most platforms that launched new find a way to catch the attention of people that might be interested in them, timart business app now makes it official by rewarding its users with a 300 points referral bonus. 

That is once you invite a user successfully and use carry out some certain tax on the platform they should be able to get 250 to 300 points as a reward on a timart business application. 

Apart from the referral bonus all over the Ferrari world once you invite someone to the platform you as a person that joins you will also get up to 200 points as a restriction bonus. 

You should get this once you carry out certain easy tasks on the timart business app. 

You will need to be a member of the platform before you can do any other thing or think of any with them that makes money online with the app. 

So follow up with the registration process below so as to get the app download and also fill out the registration form. 

Download Timart Business App (Apk) 

This part of this article will cover how to download the timart business app which should also lead you to a live APK. 

But you should have it at the back of your mind that the application of this particular platform timart business is officially available on the Google Play store. 

Which we are going to be providing you with the link to get straight to the app or go to the Play store and search for the app install which has to get the next thing done. 

App name Timart Business 
Type Business Management App
Download Size 80MB
Last Updated  Nov 5, 2022
Version  22.11.0

Download Here

After you download your app then you should be thinking of the registration process before you can carry out some starting tax so as to earn yourself your first 200 to 300 points on the timart business app. 

How To Register On Timart Business App

  1. Download the timart app from the provider download page above. 
  2. After you click on a link and download the app if you see a referral code g88NTpL on the space provided for it. 
  3. You can copy and paste it on the space provided for you if it’s not displayed in their g88NTpL.
  4. That should also lead you to the signup page which you will need to register with your main phone number and your email address. 
  5. That you trigger on the next page that will allow you to create a business from the timart business app. 
  6. You can just go ahead to add your business name on other details that will allow you to create your business. 
  7. That is done you should be taken to the main application or main page where you will need to verify your phone number. 
  8. I want to type on the page that states the verified phone number and OTT one-time password should be sent to that number through SMS or call. 
  9. After you verify your phone number that should serve as 50% registration done. 

What needs to be done is to follow up with some simple tasks before you can be able to get your 300 or 200 points as a newly registered member of timart business. 

Task Need To Be Done So As To Earn You Free Points 

  • You will need to add expenditures to your business that you previously created on the timart business app. 
  • Products that you will showcase on your business should also be added which should also earn you 40 or 50 points. 
  • Every other tax you carry out or every other process you carry out like adding sales and inventory to your business will also earn you 20 or 50 points. 
  • Customer transactions will also be carried out from this app so as to also get your business balance on timart business. 

We are going to be showing you a video or posting a video below that should explain everything to you about how you can carry out all the stuff so as to any of the other points you need to end. 

Video Guide 

After that what is needed to be done for you to earn more on timart business app is to join their referral program. 

The referral program is stipulated to be 450 per referral or 450 points per referral earlier but now changed to 250 points per referral as of when this article was made. 

Let’s get to let you know how you can carry out the referral program on timart business app. 

How To Refer On Timart Business App

You must have been a valid or verified member of the timart business app before you can think of joining their referral program. 

You can get to refer a friend by just following this process. 

  • Open the timart business application, still on the app below section. 
  • Find the more button that is located below the last section of the timart app. 
  • After you click on it you should see a button with a signal Red Signal that is stated to be referred and Earned. 
  • Click on it to carry you or take you to the timart business referral program page. 
    Timart Business App referral program
  • After that, you can now use the refer friend button to share your referral code with your friend across various social media. 
  • Our own referral code is stated to be g88NTpL which can also be generated with your referral link. 
  • Once you lose you refer to the friend share button to hear eat with your friend on different kinds of social media like WhatsApp telegram and others. 
  • You should be provided with your timart business app referral link and referral code so as to use it to invite your friends to the app. 
  • And in yourself, 250 points are equivalent to 250 per referral. 

That says how you can end yourself some money on this particular platform called the business timart app. 

How To Withdraw My Points From Timart Business 

After you refer most of your friends to the business app and you wish to withdraw, which is something that will also redeem points. 

You can withdraw by redeeming your points on Timart which can be done by using the redeem points button or just follow up with the step below so as to get your money withdrawn from the timart business app. 

But you should also know that they have a minimum withdrawal of 2000 points or minimum point redemption of 2000 upwards. 

How To Redeem Points On Timart Business App

Points Redemption or how to redeem points on a timart business app is more or less like the withdrawal process that we may mention above. 

  • Which can be done still on the timart business referral program page. 
  • After you have reached the minimum points redemption of 2000.
  • Then you should see the redeem points button beside the refer-a-friend button on the Pharrell program page. 
  • Click on it to redeem your points starting from 2,000 upwards. 
How To Redeem Points On Timart Business App

That should then trigger you to the next thing or next page for you to withdraw your phone from this platform. 

Withdrawal Proof

Timart Business App Withdrawal Proof

If you wish to know about any other thing on this platform or have any questions regarding this platform then you should use the discussion page that you can find below this article to state what you need. 


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