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Terraria v1.  is known as the ‘’MINECRAFT 2D VERSION’’, Terraria builds its name by changing the interface, craft and build game play of Minecraft and now its has been applied on 2D RPG platform.


This game was only available for PC version. But after sometime 505 Games made a decision to collaborate with RakNet and CodeBlue to develop Terraria mobile version app. When gamers heard this they were excited about the news and ever since then it was rated as one of the best top paid games.


 The gameplay method is to dig, explore, fight!These are the activities you would partake-in in the open world of terraria. With these activities, you will be exploring a universe full of fantasies, strange creatures, demon eyes, fighting zombies. To begin the game you would start by cutting down trees, building shelters, the mining some resources. Then you have to search for materials for weapon and armor creation, then you use them to fight hundreds of different monsters in then game. There are over 400 types of weapons from melee, long-range, ,magic, summon. 

Creativity is Unlimited

You can be anybody in the terraria. A shaman, An explorer, A knight, there is no limit of creativity. By discovering resources and developing characters, you can make any type of character you want.


Terraria v1.  graphic style is RPGs from the 1980s. It’s not as the legendary 8-bit RPG style but its more modernized like the style of Stardew Valley.

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Terraria apk
Terraria apk latest version 2022


  • Multiplayer – you’ll play with up to seven players on native wireless fidelity or on-line via device to device
  • New World Sizes – Small/Medium/Large is because the same size on the laptop version
  • It has Over three hundred enemies to combat, defeat, and plunder for loot.
  • It’s Over fifteen Bosses and Events to really check the player’s skills
  • Endgame Celestial Invasion Event and Moon Lord Final boss encounter
  • Updated crafting with multiple additional item choices.
  • Over twenty NPC’s to find, every providing their own edges and distinctive characteristics.
  • New skilled Mode is intended to produce new challenges for even the foremost seasoned Terraria veterans
  • It has over 800 new things to find – bringing it to count over 3500 in total
  • In-depth building choices that area unit straightforward to be told, however give wonderful feats of design within the hands of a master.


  1. CLICK ON THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON: To download terraria app on your android device click on the download button. Then you wait for your download to complete.
  2. ALLOW UNKNOWN SOURCES ON YOUR ANDROID SETTINGS: You must make sure on your device that third-party apps are allowed before you can be able to the app.
  3. INSTALL THE APPLICATION: Once your app has been downloaded, go to your file manager app, then go the DOWNLOAD file directory and tap or click on TERRARIA.APK file.
  4. START USING YOUR APP: Launch your app once it has been install the game, then you start battling with demon eyes and zombies and also creating your own character.

Download links for TERRARIA v1. APK

Click on the button below to get redirected to the download page.

Download TERRARIA v1. APK

Additional information
App name  TERRARIA
App version  V1.
App size  160MB
Developer  505 Games srl
Supported device Android v4.0 and above 

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