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Tecno POP 8 Review & Price In Nigeria 2024

If you have been looking to buy this particular platform called tecno Pop 8 and also know the price of the phone in Nigeria say no more because this particular article will be a briefly compiled review of tecno Pop 8 a budget smartphone. 

Tecno Pop 8 is an Android smartphone with some kind of budget 3 features that have been attached to the device to make it for the moon and cheap for users. 

For a very long time, we’ve now come about another smartphone review which is the tecno pop 8 that would like to bring to your notice. 

Due to the solid price that has been attached to this match phone device it also comes with some kind of features that you will find on most mid-range Android devices. 

Now we would like to look into the main aspect of this article which is to look into some reviews and features of this phone. We are talking about.

Tecno POP 8 Review

To complete this review we are going to look into some key features of the device starting from the performance of the battery life and one of the main aspects of the review which is the camera and look into the design features of the device before we proceed to look into the price range that you can use to purchase this particular device in Nigeria. 

Battery Performance Of The Device 

Tecno Pop 8 comes with a 5,000 mAh battery life which is huge and can carry out a lot of tasks within a day. 

The battery performance of this device should be excellent due to the kind of battery it has or it is all this with which can be made use of in an entire day without even thought of charging it. 

It also comes with 10 W charging that can allow your phone to charge fully from 0 to 100% within two hours. 

The 10 W charging that has been added to the device is one of the features that allows your phone to charge fast. 

Main Performance Of Tecno POP 8

How long will you look into the main performance of this device? The processor of tecno Pop 8 is a t606 processor which can help you to carry out your gaming and help you with handling different tasks on your device. 

The device is also designed to run the Android 13 Go edition so as to help you optimize the performance of your phone. 

It is also Unleashed to provide you with two RAM storage so as to make the device work smoothly. 

Camera Review 

When I look into the camera aspect of this device it comes with a 30 MP main shooter and 0.08Mp sensor that has been designed for portrait effect. 

Follow up with the video recording with the maximum video resolution of 1080p. 

The front camera is a 5 MP design for the selfie camera. 

The cameras are designed for solid snapshots and video chats without any range of expected talk-quality images. 

After looking into this now is the best time to look into the price range that you can get the phone in Nigeria. 

Tecno POP 8 Price In Nigeria 

When we look around different stores and check out the price range that they will leave the device or that the device is stipulated to be from our little discovery. 

You will need close to 80,000 to 110,000 to be able to purchase the phone of your dreams or one of the mid-grateful ones known as Tecno Pop 8.

Which is the solid price that the device comes within Nigeria on major online shopping platforms and also local stores. 

Final Say

If you are looking for any mid-range device or mid-range Android phone Tecno Pop 8 is one of those devices you should be looking into that has been embedded with an excellent battery life and also comes out with a faster network 5G try to look into the new device that as be launch by tecno


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