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Spotify Mod Apk [Latest Apk] Mod Feature Unlocked

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music platforms you can be subscribed to out there. Using the platform is initially free but you have to subscribe to lift some certain boundaries. Get the Spotify mod apk from our website today to enjoy some extra features.

Spotify mod apk

The Spotify is a music platform, where you can get almost any music from. Spotify has become one of the tops used music platforms over the years. Almost every artist wants their music on Spotify due to its potential to reach lots of users from across the globe. Spotify is a known competitor to top music platforms like iTunes, Deezer, audio mack, SoundCloud, and the likes.

Spotify allows promotion of music so that music will be recommended to potential subscribers from around the globe. Although it is banned or not available in certain regions of the world, I can assure you that you can still enjoy the benefits of Spotify without any hassle. The mod version helps to remove the restriction issues. Also, the mod version of Spotify mod apk also comes with more ability to lift restrictions. One of them is the ads-free experience and another is the ability to shuffle unlimited times.

Spotify mod apk: Features

Wide library

Spotify contains millions of music. And as mentioned earlier, almost every artist would want their songs published on Spotify, so your chances of getting your like of music is very huge.


The app observes your music preferences and automatically suggests songs you might be interested in. These suggested music are arranged into a Playlist and you are likely to find one you like in it.

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Spotify mod apk: Mod features

High quality music

Unlike the free version of Spotify, this mod version let you listen to music on Spotify in the highest quality possible.

Unlimited shuffle

As a free subscriber on Spotify, you’re restricted to shuffling music a couple of times. But on the Spotify mod apk you can shuffle music unlimited times.

Ads free

Spotify contains some ads. The mod apk version help to block these ads and provide some seamless play.

Repeat mode

You can’t make use of the repeat function on the free Spotify. You can now do this with the mod apk version.

Dark mode

You can now enable the dark mode function with this mod version

Spotify mod apk download links

Download the latest Spotify mod apk from link provided below.

Additional information
App name  Spotify mod apk
App version  Update Latest
App size  30MB
Developer  Spotify
Supported device Android v4.0 and above 

Download Here

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