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Dekra canned dog food 415g


Dekra Canned Dog Food

Dekra can dog food is a quality dog food  for all life stages with NAFDAC approval and at affordable prices

* Meaty 99%

* Fresh 98%

* Durable 97%

Overview of the best dog foods in Nigeria

It may surprise you, but dogs and humans aren’t so different when it comes to nutrition. Like humans, dogs are omnivores, meaning they can eat meat and plant foods but the best dog foods in Nigeria are dog foods with much higher percentage of animal protein than carbohydrate.

Also like humans, they have specific nutritional needs. But this doesn’t mean you can always feed your dog the same food you eat yourself. There are some things humans can eat that you should never feed your dog, such as grapes, onions, chocolate, coffee and nuts.

When it comes to preserving your dog’s health, the best thing you can do for him is to provide him with a high quality dog food. If you pay a visit to your local pet store, however, you will find that there are dozens of different dog food brands and formulas to choose from. It becomes a job on its own getting to know which brands are high-quality and which are not. Picking out the right food for your dog also means picking out the right ingredients. As a responsible pet friend, one of the best things you can do for him is serve healthy, well-balanced food. Good dog food has the right nutrition your dog really needs, depending on his age, breed, and activity level.

Most of the popular dog’s food here in Nigeria are imported dog food, both dry dog food and wet or can dog food. Many pet dogs in Nigeria are used to many of these foreign brands. It can confirm that many of them serve their purpose and have provided relatively enough nutrition needed by our dogs right here in Nigeria. These dog foods  comes in different brands and varieties and as you must have observed, will have similar ingredients.

How to Spot The Best Dog foods in Nigeria

Look for Nutrients

In general, the six types of nutrients every dog food should contain are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. A dog food that includes quality ingredients and balances the nutrients within those ingredients will put your dog in a position to properly absorb them.

* Protein helps to reinforce your dog’s muscles, bones, and skin so they can support the rest of the body.

* Carbohydrates provide your dog energy throughout the day.

* Fiber is crucial to keep your dog’s digestive system operating properly, which is a benefit you both share. Fiber can be found in beet pulp, soybean mill run and cellulose.

* Vitamins your dog needs are included in many of the above ingredients listed above, as well. Eggs are a good source of Vitamins A and E, whereas brown rice is full of potassium; and liver and beef contain iron. When your dog gets the vitamins he needs, his heart, liver, and immune system will work efficiently, helping him to lead a healthier life.

Nutritional Adequacy

Consumers should specifically look at the product’s Nutritional Adequacy Statement, which “indicates the food is complete and balanced for a particular life stage, such as growth, reproduction, adult maintenance or a combination of these, or intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Check for Artificial Fillers

In addition to checking the ingredients list for harmful ingredients you should also be on the lookout for artificial fillers. Some examples of fillers you might find in low-quality dog foods include rice bran, corn bran, hulls, and wheat mill run.

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