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PlayStation 5: Apologize For Failed In Providing PS5 Preorder Launch

PlayStation 5 which is also called PS5 has been one of the devices which most of the gamers have been waiting for to be launched and yet to be launched recently and an apology announcement was just paid about failing in releasing the preorder launch of the long awaited device PlayStation 5.



The apology speech goes or being announced in such a way that they seems to be honest about the preorder of the ps5 that was said to be a lot more smoother as promised but seems to are still working on the ps5 pre order process yet to be announced which day it’s will start or being.



According To PlayStation

Playstation 5 ps5 preorder announcement on Twitter

Which the screenshots above already explain all that you need to know about the preorder of the Ps5. It was also stated that over the week or few weeks more Playstation 5 consoles will be released due to their statement to specific day or date yet just stated as within the week as mentioned.



And they also speak and lay some info down to the retailers who are also waiting for the preorder process of the ps5 that they will soon get to them too As soon as possible as stated above.



They also seem to make more ps5 to be ready over this year which specific date is not yet started. We just have to keep waiting as they said and keep notice for us.



This statement seems to be somehow disappointing words which they still seem to be honest with.



Ps5 Pre Order Playstation 5 Preorder Date

Ps5 pre order is said to be available by September 17 which is a day before yesterday but the promise can’t be made which is somehow disappointing to most gamers out there and retailers who have been long awaiting for preorder of the playstation 5.



It was also spotted that most gamers and retailers have been cancelling their order on Amazon and which Amazon also gave a warning that they might not get their playstation pre order on the launch day. That makes most people cancel their order.

Ps5 preorder


Many gamers seem to not be prepared for the preorder which makes them miss out on the system. And it’s also apparent that the playstation 5 request is high which will make dem to provide more console for preorder of ps5 and shift of the day of pre order.


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