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Opera Shake And Win: Earn a Free cash Prize Like a Phone, Money & Airtime 

What moves opera mini users we like to see is here again which is the Opera shake and win promo like some related cash prize like phone money and airtime. 

Which is stipulated to users that can be found in some major African or west African countries. 

Once interested on the Opera shake and win a promo or contest you should get to win your own particular cash prize as parallel things once you follow up with the step. 

If you have been making use of the Opera Mini APK for quite a long time you should know about this which is mostly designed for android users. 

The Opera Mini app is a browser that has a lot of features on it but we don’t come and how’s that in this article for we Claim something else. 

About Opera Shake And Win 

The name opera is a company that operates in different kinds of companies or different kinds of apps like the opera mini up opera music by now so forth. 

So now I’m one of the halves that operate on all that they own which is the opera mini browser apk, they now have a promo that people can partake in. 

Which is the Opera shake and win contest that can allow people to win something when they carry out some puzzle through this application. 

Stated that the shake and win context can be carried out six times in a day or 24 hours, I wish you as a user or you as a shaker have 4 hours once you carry out your first shake to win. 

And once you eat the right puzzle you should win some cash prizes like phone money, also known as cash vouchers and airtime respectively. 

Some other phone companies are asking to feature on this promo which you should get yourself a wind phone like Samsung Tecno top device and so on and so forth. 

You should check out the list of cash prizes that can be in from the opera shake and win promo below. 

Cash Prize That Can Be Won On Opera Shake & Win

  • Smartphone Devices 
    Samsung Galaxy (A13, A04s) 
    Tecno (Spark 9T, Camon 19,)
  • Cash Voucher Upto 160,000 or More
  • Free Airtime 2,000 Worth Of Airtime or More. 

So you do not have a cash prize that you can win from this opera shake and win content so it’s not too late for you to know how this actually works by using the procedures we have stated below. 

Opera Shake And Win Promo How it Works 

You are the price she going through more or contents I said to be in existence since 21st of October 2022 and it’s a to anon singer December 24th, 2022.

You can now pick the opportunity to partake from it right now as at when we or when you discover this article. 

All you need to partake or be a member that joins this content is to get yourself your Android phone to follow up with the installation of opera mini APK

And you must have an age range of 18 + which all participants will be specified to do free daily shakes casually. 

Now you can just go ahead to end the shake just like that from the opera shake and win a contest for you can end more shake by carrying out some task. 

And the AI will determine what you win and if you are actually a winner from the list. 

The contestant will need to complete the six pieces and shake to win in sick time every day which needed to be completed together. 

Other Things You Need To Know About The Contest 

  • After you win a prize as a contestant you are a winner to the present so as to collect your specific price at the appropriate time design for it to be collected. 
  • You are the winner or contestants will be asked to provide your form of identification whenever you are being called for your own card price. 
  • Your registration details must be aligned with the form of identity you will be providing on the Opera reserve which should not trigger your price to be withheld. 

How To Join The Opera Shake And Win Content 

You should remember before you go ahead to participate in the contents you should have been or your age must have a seed or 18 (18+).

  1. Go ahead to download the Opera Mini app from Play Store or you can locate the APK from here. 
  2. Once the app has been installed you cannot go ahead to open the browser opera mini browser. 
  3. After that, you should see at the right side corner of the browser shake and win icon which is to inform all phone shaking. 
    opera shake and win
  4. It’s so as to access the shake and win page that has been designed by opera. 
  5. On the next page, you should click on Shake. You will now need to select your citizen or your country and continue. 
    opera shake and win money
  6. After you click on Shake it should now be specified if you win the puzzle piece of any of the prizes provided on the shake and win the puzzle. 
  7. After that, you do not need to claim the reward. You just need to verify your details with your phone number. 
  8. After that is the one you can now save your progress and make your first shake again in the next 4 hours. 
  9. With every shake you make you get a new SIM price on the puzzle which you can take up to six times a day. 

And again all prices that you earn from the opera shake and win the contest will be cleaned before 15 January 2023 so as not to give them to Richard or forget about your price. 

Opera Shake And Win 2023 

As of 2022 toward the end of the year opera made a pause on their shake & win promo, but it’s now back and the opera shake and win promo 2023 can help you earn some airtime and cash prizes like coupons or Cash vouchers. 

In this section of this post, we will be talking about how you can partake in the opera shake & win in 2023 which is something you will like to do. 

You will get to earn free airtime and the steps to carry out or partake in the promo are quite straightforward and look the same as the previous one. 

But you will be using a different process which we are about to share with you right now. 

Make sure you always read our article to the end without leaving anything behind let’s go. 

Opera Shake And Win 2023/2024

This latest opera shake and win Now works with opera mini browser beta which should be tagged as 2024 opera shake and win that comes at the end of the year 2023.

All you need to do so as to partake in this campaign that has been set aside by opera is to click here to download the opera mini browser beta app. 

Then you will need to open the app and click on shake and win from there you can proceed to start shaking and register with your phone number and email. 

The cash prizes that have been set aside is free bet9ja coupon code that can be won from 10,000 20,000 or more. 

Just download the app straight away from the link that we have provided here and win yourself some free gift from the latest opera shake and win promo 2024.

Opera shake and win 2024

How To Join The Opera Shake And Win 2023 Promo

  • Firstly download the opera beta app by clicking here
  • It’s also called Opera mini browser Beta with VPN as seems below. 
    Opera Browser bet with VPN for Opera shake and win
  • It’s the only opera app with the shake and win promo. 
  • After you download the app, open it and go to shakewin.opera.com on the address bar. 
    Opera shake and win 2023
  • That should lead you to the opera shake and win page where you can perform the content from there. 
  • Login to your old account using your phone number and get your previous progress loaded. 
  • You can earn more shakes by referring people to the app using your referral link. 
  • That’s just how you can partake in the opera shake and win promo 2023.

I hope we make sense. If you have any other thing to ask, let us know in the comment second. 

How To Earn Cash Prize On Opera Shake And Win In 2023 

When this promo opera Shake and Win is in 2023 many people claim not to earn a reward which is why we create this section to give you some tips on how to earn yourself some cash prize even if it’s airtime after you shake on the Opera app. 

The first thing to put into consideration is to accumulate enough shakes using the refer option or referral link by sharing it with your friends. 

And once you accumulate enough shakes then what’s next to be done which are the best tips needed to be known so as to earn cash prizes. 

Make sure you wait till the middle of the night might night from 12 am, to 1 am upward before you make use of the shakes you accumulated. 

That will earn you some cash prizes on the opera shake and win in 2023 even if it is airtime, once you carry out the shakes at that moment rest assured that you will earn. 

Because the system of the spin or shake will have been restored and is ready to dish out new rewards for freshness. 

So always wait for Night hours and make use of your shakes so as to earn more or stand a chance to earn some cash prizes without wasting your time. 

Something else to also note is that this particular opera Shake & Win in 2023 is quite different from the previous one in which many people complain they hardly earn cash prizes. 

Maybe it is due to the kind of population they get at this moment that most people would like to earn something out of it but that can only be done or gotten by luck. 

So just do as we said and try out your luck, maybe something can come out of it, for it is not something you should guarantee 100% try your luck and leave the rest. 

And You should also take note that is ending on the 3rd of July so it is better to act now than regret it later.

How To Join The Opera Shake And Win 2024

Where is the process you need to follow to participate or join the Opera Shake and win in 2024.

The contest on the campaign has been set aside for people around some major African countries like Nigeria Kenya South Africa and it is stated to be for 18+ users. 

  • The first thing you need to do is to download the Opera Mini beta browser that is available on the Play Store. 
  • After you download the app or if you have the app installed already clear the App Cache before you open it. 
  • Open the app you will see an icon stating shake and win. 
  • Click on the icon and that should lead you to the page so as to complete the shake and win. 
  • Before you complete any of the shakes you’ll be prompted to provide your phone number and Google account for the verification process. 

Once you complete the first shake you can now keep coming back up every 6 hours so I should do or complete another Shake to help you complete the puzzle that will help you to end the cash price mini pay opera Minipay and more. 

That is just how to participate in the Opera Shake and win in the 2024 latest update that has just come back. 


What are your experiences with the Opera shake and win contents. Let us know below in the discussion section and also go through the article well if you find or do not understand anything. 


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