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Ontiva is designed for converting the videos to the highest quality formats like mp3, mp4. The technology used to switch the video in the browser. No download or installation of any software, plug-ins, or membership required. Simply search for the video title, select the desired result, and choose the desired format. The main advantage of this site is that users can do unlimited downloads and conversions absolutely free.

Ontiva software provides safe and secure downloading and conversion of YouTube videos. Unless otherwise stated, Ontiva does not disclose your personal information Ontiva don’t do that to keep your data or store your personal data, so people need to comfortably use this platform.


  • User-friendly online YouTube video conversion platform:  You can easily navigate all the content on your landing page without the need for additional stress or help. This is a detailed platform that even a beginner in the internet world can handle. Featuring a simple web page design, nothing is fancy and luxurious.
  • Unlimited access to countless downloads and conversions: Ontiva can handle an endless world of downloads and file conversions if your device has enough storage. Currently, the platform has records indicating that over 7.5 million files have been converted and are still in the process of counting. The total size of these files exceeded 344 terabytes. Want to add downloads and conversions to an ever-increasing number?
  • Free of Cost: The important feature that sets Ontiva online platform apart from other file transfer platforms is that it does not require any form of fee. You walk straight to the job you’re at without having to pay to get the job done. This is what Ontiva software is better than other platforms. They believe that the best in life should be free.
  • Speed: The platform saves you time by downloading and converting files from YouTube to MP3 and other formats at incredible speeds. Its beauty is that it is easy to measure and suitable for beginners on the Internet. Some sites even go to redirect to multiple pages. This can be annoying, especially if the goal was ultimately not met, but Ontiva did not. Ontiva saves you tons of time and downloads your files in seconds before you shout, Jack Robinson! Here! It was done!
  • Easy Process: Another great feature of Ontiva is that you don’t have to complete the registration process. You don’t have to meet email requirements, fill out document forms, or meet one standard or request. Ontiva considers you anonymous and wipes data from the server once the job is complete. This anonymous feature does not violate any legal obligation.


1- Search for a video: On YouTube, select the title of the page where the video you want to recover is located in MP3 format. Copy using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. Go to Ontiva.

2- Enter the URL: now, you are required to enter the copied URL of the youtube video on the ontiva address bar. Or Click in the field displayed on the screen and paste the video title (Ctrl + V). Click the magnifying glass or press Enter.

3- YouTube to MP3 / MP4: This service provides the corresponding video. Click download next to the first video. Click MP3 Download. When the files are converted and ready to download, click Ready to download.

This will create the MP3 file on your computer. You can listen as you want. You can listen to MP3 files on your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc., even if you are not connected to the Internet. AudioMP3 is one such highly efficient service.



  • Troubleshoot problems caused by poor network connectivity: To recreate music and video online, you need a reliable network connection. But with Ontiva YouTube Converter, you can beat this hurdle. This means that your network status will not affect your streaming experience. After all, you can play songs offline by downloading YouTube music in MP3 format.
  • Downloads YouTube videos in High Speed: Streaming YouTube Music online wastes a lot of time storing and uploading songs. So if you use Ontiva YouTube Converter to download YouTube Music to MP3 offline, you won’t have to spend time downloading videos. In addition to that, Ontiva YouTube Converter quick analysis of YouTube videos and MP3 downloads.
  • Enjoy videos or music offline: This Ontiva YouTube Converter is useful if you want to listen to some unsaved music offline. Without the Internet, users download their favourite music offline.
  • Create a favourite playlist: With Ontiva, you can create new playlists so that you don’t have to search for your favourite soundtrack.


  • Most of the videos on YouTube are copyright protected, and there are no sites or apps in the store that can convert youtube to mp3 format.
  • Since MP3 does not use a lossless algorithm, it removes hard-to-hear music content and reduces file size, resulting in poor sound quality. So, if you convert YouTube music video to mp3, the sound quality will be relatively low.
  • MP3 extensions are more vulnerable to virus attacks that can seriously damage your system.
  • The quality of the mp3 audio also depends on the compression / converting software used in the process.
  • Music piracy occurs because free or inexpensive versions of mp3 files (same audio) are available on the Internet.
  • MP3 conversion is also a hindrance to the cash flow of deposit to artists for whom the Videos are not copyrighted. When these videos are converted to mp3 extensions, the user agrees to listen to the mp3 files instead of coming back to watching the videos on that artist’s channel. As a result, the number of views has decreased sharply, and it is the artist’s main source of income. As you can see, the modern mp3 extension has its drawbacks as well, but it looks like you have to do this for someone to make another breakthrough in this tech field.


Due to the unlimited technology, Ontiva YouTube Converter supports an unlimited number of downloads and conversions, but at a cost, so Ontiva decided to offer free download and conversion services for free. Even users don’t have to log into our platform or Pay hidden fees. This converter device provides excellent format options and additional filters that make it an ideal video and audio format tool.

Company Profile: Ontiva

Ontiva is a carefully designed site that makes it easy to download YouTube MP3 files without the need to download or register additional software. With this converter, you can enjoy your favourite music as you want. It supports users to convert YouTube video files to mp3 format. For more information, visit http://ontiva.com   

Conclusion: Using the ONTIVA program is very easy. Users can paste this link on the Ontiva platform by simply copying the YouTube video address from the address bar. Then select the conversion options like Mp3 and Mp4. Click Convert to convert the video to the format of your choice and then download.

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