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Learn how to – Online Casinos: Five Ways to Make Fund Deposits Safer

Learn how to – Online Casinos: Five Ways to Make Fund Deposits Safer.

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Photo by Aidan Howe from Pexels

So you’ve been playing free casino games online, and you’re having a great time. Those credits have racked up, and you’re feeling confident in your newfound skills. Wouldn’t it be great if those game credits were real money?

The only way to play for real money is to put in real money, but is it safe to deposit your money into an online casino? The answer is yes – IF you take the proper steps to safeguard your money. Here are five simple rules to follow when making deposits to casino sites that will keep your hard-earned cash secure. 

Choose Your Online Casino Carefully

The internet is full of great online casino options. Make sure that your chosen casino is using a secure connection. Different browsers have different ways to tell whether or not your connection is secure, so be sure to check.

A secure website will have a valid SSL certificate and encrypt any sensitive data you enter, protecting it from prying eyes.

The online casino you chose should be registered with at least one reputable regulatory body. Any casino will generally list which bodies it is registered with on its page, so check this out before entering any personal information.

Get Some Security Software

Without your antivirus software, your computer is vulnerable to attacks from viruses and malware like keyloggers. If your machine becomes infected with one of these, it will compromise your financial data drastically! 

Keyloggers log your keystrokes and forward this information to a hacker who can use this information to steal your hard-earned cash from your accounts.

If you are working with large sums of money, you might consider investing in a better quality antivirus software than what comes standard with most PCs.

Use a Recognised Payment Method

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Most online casinos offer more than one method to deposit funds. Always choose one that you are familiar with and that provides some form of recourse should something go wrong. 

Look Out for Scams

Scammers often use social engineering attacks to trick you into giving them your personal details and even your bank details.

Ever heard of the term phishing? Phishing is a social engineering scam. The scammer will set up a web page that looks exactly like the page you want to visit but has a slightly different address. If you miss the subtle signs, you might be taken in by one of these sites and end up unwittingly giving your information away.

You can avoid most of these scams by never clicking on a link to get to a website but instead type the address in yourself.

Never Save Passwords

Your username and password are the only things standing between hackers and your money. Saving this information on any digital device is a risk. If your device is stolen, the information on it goes with it too. Instead, try to commit your passwords to memory, or write them down somewhere – but never write down which site they’re for.

Be Vigilant

Most of the time, when a person has a security issue, the breach has not happened from the casino site’s end. More often than not, data breaches occur on the user’s side. Being aware of possible dangers and implementing a few simple security protocols should ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.


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