New Mtn Data Code 2023 & New Mtn Recharge Code 

Mtn now made it official that people can now make use of the new mtn data code and new mtn recharge code which was already announced before. 

We’ve talked about such before and this new mtn code is said to be NCC harmonized code that has been designed for all network providers in Nigeria as of early 2023.

Mtn made this official through SMS that has been sent to major customers, which some people will still like to check if it is true or not. 

About The New Mtn Code (Data And Recharge) 

The giant network provider in Nigeria has followed the NCC rules by providing its users with a notice of the latest code or new mtn code that is set aside for their customers. 

This code will replace the previous one which we have *131# for the data code before which is the old one and the new one is now available for it. 

And we have *555* that is being used for the mtn recharge code before you can now get the new one below. 

This new code is just the one that is provided by Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), that is designed for all network providers like Airtel, Glo, and others. 

It’s not for mtn only but most people seem to tag it as New Mtn code and we also want to bring more clarification to such code. 

New Mtn Data Code 2023

The new mtn data code is *312# which is the latest NCC harmonized code that has been designed to carry out all your data purchase. 

And also check your data balance plus some other things you can do with this new data code. 

You can switch from using the old mtn data code *131# and start using the new one for all data-related transactions you wish to carry out. 

The SMS messages must have reached you and been brought to your notice already by mtn. We will also look into some other new mtn codes below. 

New Mtn Recharge Code 2023

Apart from using *555* to perform your airtime recharge on mtn which is the old method you can now use the new mtn recharge code *311# which is also a NCC harmonized code. 

That also be set aside to carry out recharges for all other network providers too. 

All you need to do is to dial *311*recharge code# to load your airtime which is also called a recharge card. 

It’s been made official that for mtn convenience they should Start using the new codes. 

You can see for yourself as seen in the screenshots below. 

Other New Mtn Codes Provided In 2023

  • The new mtn customer care line is now 300 which is the new one instead of the previous one 180 with the new mtn call center line 300.
  • New Mtn Borrow Airtime Code is *303# while the old borrow service code is *606* and this new code is the Harmonized code also. 
  • You now have another code that you can use to check your balance the new mtn balance check code is *310# instead of *556# that we know of before. 
  • To share airtime on mtn (Mtn share N Sell) now as a new code which the new mtn share and sell code is *321# as noted by mtn, apart from the old one *777#.
  • Also, there is a new code that is set aside to stop mtn from deducting your airtime for VAS which the new mtn Stop Service code is *305#.
  • And the old Stop Service code is *447# VAs. 

All new mtn code seems to start with three (3) which you can identify with that except for the NIN code which is known to be *996# different from the code *785# respectively. 

Final Say

You should now know the new mtn code that is said to be NCC approved USSD Code for Mtn services. 

If you have any other questions you can ask about any code you can let us know below.