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Moniepoint BBN Games: Win Free 2000 & Upto 3 Million 

This particular game that has been set aside by Moniepoint is what they call Moniepoint BBN games which you can pass it appeared in and earn yourself some money or some of the world. 

The Moniepoint official company has actually launched a campaign which they call the Moniepoint BBN game that you can earn money from by participating or doing some tags on their recently crafted up for personal use. 

If you get some coins on your wallet up to 100 coins or more and complete some other transaction you will be able to participate in the BBN and games through the Moniepoint wallet app. 

Before you go further you can also check out this article we have here about moniepoint POS which should lead you through everything you need to know about how their POS machines work and how to get one. 

So on this post, you should be educated with what you need to know about the Moniepoint BBN games that can help you win 2,000 or 3 million depending on how you were able to participate in the game. 

Moniepoint BBN Games

The game actually features the reality TV called BBNaija All-Star show that is currently streaming around the globe Moniepoint picked up the opportunity to gather a lot of customers then they launched a campaign called the Moniepoint BBN game that set aside up to 2 million prizes or 3 million cash price to it customers or people that wish to participate on the game. 

Before you can be able to participate in the game you will need to have a Moniepoint pass an hour late and carry out some major transactions on the app which will Grant you access to earn some points that can be used to play the game and accumulate the money or when the money you actually wish to win from the platform. 

Features Of The Moniepoint Personal Wallet App

  • Since you’ll be making use of the Moniepoint personal will it helps to participate in this campaign or games then it is better to know some of the features of the app before you proceed to download and install it to your device. 
  • One of the features that the app is set aside for him to use to send and receive money easily he that rule Moniepoints to Moniepoint account or through another bank account. 
  • Since the app is designed to be a wallet which is called the Moniepoint personal wallet, you should be able to receive money instantly whenever you send it without any forms of waiting for confirmation. 
  • You can even use the fingerprint feature to secure your account through the app and carry out some normal transactions on the app. 
  • Once you gain access to the Moniepoint personal wallet you will be granted a debit card that can be used either physically or a virtual card to purchase things online or offline. 
    Moniepoint BBN Games Personal Wallet Card
  • Apart from sending and receiving money, you can use your virtual or physical Moniepoint card to carry out major transactions like withdrawing money from a POS machine or withdrawal from an ATM. 
  • One of the best features of the Moniepoint app is being able to solve any problem you might be facing whenever you come across one you don’t need to go to any bank or or any of your branches before you are able to solve any dispute or resolution. 
  • You can also make use of the app to make some other bill payments like purchasing airtime and paying out some utility bills likewise doing some internet subscriptions on the app. 
  • With the top priority security that they offer, they are safe to keep your account safeguarded financially mentally and spiritually which has impounded some top technology security social networks so as to provide you top security. 
  • Now you have dropped some knowledge about the Moniepoint personal app or wallet app. Now is the time to know how you can start playing the game and the Moniepoint BB and games and win your own money

How Does The Moniepoint BBN Games Work

It works in such a way that you will need to open or have a Moniepoint wallet app on your device. 

Register or sign up at the house and find your Moniepoint wallet with at least 1500.

Then you can proceed by purchasing or making use of the app to purchase airtime and carry out a transaction on the Moniepoint wallet app. 

Proceed to also make transfers by sending or receiving money intra and inter-transaction. 

Moniepoint BBN Games 100 Coins

Once you do any of these you will be granted a free 100 coins which will allow you to play the game on Moniepoint. 

How To Open A Moniepoint Personal Wallet

You can open a Moniepoint account or create one by downloading their app either on the Play Store or App Store. 

For you to open an account with them you will need to create an account and complete your KYC using your BVN and other means of identification. 

The creation of an account is done when you can get one yourself or you will be provided a personal account number to which you can transfer money. 

Moniepoint personal wallet

You can then proceed to transfer at least 1,000 or  1500 to  the personal Wallet account. 

Once you do that you have just carried out transactions on your Moniepoint Wallet account. 

Other transactions also include purchasing airtime and paying for some utility bills. 

We can earn you 100 coins that can be used to play the game which you can learn how to start playing below. 

How To  Play Moniepoint BBN Games 

You can actually make use of your points to play the Moniepoint BBN games. 

The game BBN is provided on your moniepoint wallet dashboard once you log in. 

After you’ve earned some coins you can click on it to play click on this like that is provided on your dashboard. 

By following the information that has been provided by Moniepoint you will be able to play the games on a weekly basis. 

The game has to do with the unveiling of your coin I’m Shuffling it. 

Which one’s coin has been unveiled and you were lucky you can end 2000 or more that will be predicted directly to your wallet account. 

There should also be some other cash prizes that will also be collected directly to your wallet account so you just have to keep doing transactions and accumulating more coins so as to win cash from the campaign or from the Moniepoint BBN game. 

How To  Play Moniepoint BBN Games  3 millions Winner Prove

How To Accumulate Coins For Moniepoint BBN Game

All you need to do to accumulate more coins on the Moniepoint be behind the game or for the Moniepoint will be a game is to keep carrying out transactions on the Moniepoint wallet app so as to earn more coins. 

With each transfer you make and you 100 coins and so on. 

That’s just the best way that you can use to accumulate more coins for your Moniepoint app and game. 


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