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Learn how to – Mobile vs Desktop Gambling

Learn how to – Mobile vs Desktop Gambling.

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Online gambling is a popular pastime. Many people prefer the convenience and comfort of playing from home to the hectic atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino. However, even once you’ve decided that you like playing online over playing at a physical location, there’s still another tricky decision for every new gambler: Mobile or desktop?

Benefits of Desktop Gambling 

The most obvious benefit of opting for the classic approach is the larger screen. A larger screen can provide you with better visibility. Playing via desktop can also offer easier navigation than a mobile device, since the majority of the controls can be conveniently located on the main screen rather than being tucked away in a menu. Moreover, with a strong enough computer or with multiple monitors you can play while doing other things, watching the latest match on twitch whilst betting on esports games or playing the slots and browsing Twitter at the same time.

If graphics matter to you, you’ll likely prefer a desktop computer, since it may provide you with noticeably better graphics, depending on your device. In addition, there are simply more games available on a desktop computer. While many casino games are available on mobile, we haven’t yet reached the point where you can play any casino game either way. 

Disadvantages To Desktop Gambling

Gambling on a desktop computer means completely giving up the portability and convenience of the mobile device. A desktop computer has to stay in one spot. This might not immediately seem to be a big issue, but playing via desktop means losing that easy access. 

It can also cut into how much time you can spend playing casino games each day, since it reduces the amount of time you can even have the opportunity. 

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Benefits of Mobile Gambling

Playing with a mobile device is arguably a much more convenient option. Where a desktop computer is stuck in one place, a mobile device can be carried easily around during your day-to-day routine. 

The advantage is obvious; rather than needing to reserve your leisure time for gambling, you can now spend a few moments playing a hand or two of poker at the laundromat while waiting for your clothes to be ready. The ability to place bets from wherever is especially important for the sports bettor, since sports betting can sometimes be time-sensitive. 

When you play via mobile device, you may also have—depending on the casino—access to bonuses and promotional offers exclusive to the mobile casino. This is more likely to happen if you’re playing at an online casino through the casino’s mobile app than if you’re playing in-browser.

Disadvantages To Mobile Gambling

One of the biggest drawbacks of playing casino games on a mobile device is that these games tend to be an enormous drain on your battery. However, you can counter this drain to some extent by using a portable battery charger. You could also try plugging your device into a wall socket when you’re playing. You’re also much more reliant on your internet connection. If you’re out of data and can’t access a Wi-Fi network, you won’t be able to play. 


Both mobile gambling and desktop punting come with a compelling set of advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the best choice for you is more subjective than objective, since it hinges entirely on your personal needs and preferences. The most important thing is for you to have fun.


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