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How To Make Money Online On PalmPay Mobile Apk

Today we bring to you yet another money-making tip Have you heard of Palmpay? If you haven’t, read on, If you have, read on, you might still gain something


What Is PalmPay?

PalmPay is a mobile money and payments platform. It offers many financial services.
Just like other fintech platforms like Opay, Payza, and the likes, Palmpay allows users to send and receive money via their mobile phones into their PalmPaywallets or normal bank accounts. But PalmPay’s comes with a reward.

Transactions from a PalmPayaccount to another account are usually free while to regular bank accounts costs a token (which is FREE at the moment). PalmPay also supports airtime purchases, bill payments as well as movie and event ticket sales.

But we have no business with all those stories, right? Let’s ride on to the sweet part

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PalmPay offers rewards for every transaction taken in form of PalmPoints PalmPoints are points created by them. Each point is equivalent to 1Naira and they can be used to discount (up to 50%) any payment you make on the platform. Imagine you have 500PalmPoints and you want to buy airtime worth 1K, you just have to discount your purchase with your PalmPoints and pay 500Naira only.
Let’s see how to earn PalmPoints on the app

How to register and start earning on PalmPay

  1.  Register here or through the link provided below:
    Register palmpay here
  2. Fill in your details in the space provided.
  3.  A verification code will be sent to the phone number you provided above.
  4.  Enter the code correctly and you’re done registering.
  5.  Then download the official PalmPay app from Playstore through the link below.
    download palmpay mobile app her
  6.  Login into the app with the information you provided when registering.
  7.  After a successful login, you’ll be rewarded with 100PalmPoints as a registration bonus.
  8. You can use this PalmPoints as a discount for Airtime and other bill payments.

Now, for everyone that registers on PalmPay through your referral link and makes a transaction, you’ll be rewarded with 300PalmPoints. Cool right?

Apart from that, if you apply for PalmForce (another referral program on the app), you’ll be rewarded with 200Naira cash for every person that you refer (you’ll still be given the 300PalmPoints though)

How to get your referral link

  • From the PalmPay app’s main page, swipe to the left.
  • PalmPay App Referral Code
  • A menu tab will open
  • Click on “Invitation”
  • Then click on “Share”

Share with all your friends and families. You the referee and the person you referred will both earn PalmPoints.

I hope this article is really helpful?

If you’re facing any difficulty as regards the app, kindly drop a comment in the comment box Thanks.


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