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Make Money Online On Amazon Doing Nothing 2023 Earn $506 Plus On Amazon

This strategy has worked for a lot of people and I will be showing you how you can do the exact same thing step by step. The first thing that you want to do is to come over to Amazon.com.

make money online publishing on amazon 2021

when you enter the site find its dropdown menu entitled all on the upper left side of your screen and click it Scroll down the menu and find the Kindle he readers and book stop this will give you another dropdown menu. 

Scroll down and select the Kindle book tab. What I’m going to show you today is how people are finding a variety of different ideas with different Kindle books. These books don’t have to be necessarily published and illustrated by you but they can come from other companies and authors.

How To Make Money On Amazon 2023 

I’m going to show you where you can do all of this for a few dollars and get a passive income strategy but before we do that the first thing that you need to do with this strategy is you need to find a niche scroll over there to the Kindle ebook menu on the left-hand corner of the screen. 

If you Scroll down over there you can see a lot of different categories in which you can select your niche. There are many different niches that you can do if you’re having a hard time selecting what niche or category would benefit you.

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You can Scroll the bestseller category and take a look from there once you finally select your niche come back over to the categories menu and select your chosen niche. 

In this article I will be sticking with the children’s ebook once you click on the category of your niche it’s going to bring you over to a page that looks like this you first need the bestseller related to the category you have chosen followed by new releases a quick tip before proceeding is to research trending and highly rated books related to your niche. 

How To Know Type Of Books To Publish On Amazon And Earn From

This is where some people make mistakes since the book or category they selected is not that well known and not trending. Another quick tip is to check the reviews of the book although as you can see there you can click on the stars and reviews under the book you can read the positive and five-star reviews. 

but I do recommend that you also read the negative and one start reviews, as well as this, will show you what the readers like and it’s like about the book this is so whenever you start finding or writing your own book you know what to do add what to avoid you can learn from others mistakes. 

Click on the stars and ratings of your choice and read their reviews. 

How Much You Can Make By Publishing Books On Amazon 

Next, I want to show you how much and how much money these books are actually making so if you go over and click on this book over there is an example of what you are going to find there is that there are a few ways that they sell this book out on Kindle for $6.47.

now Kendall gives the sellers or rating based on how well a specific book so if you scroll all the way down to the bottom I want to show you what number rating this book is and what that means for the person that’s selling this book now you can see there that it’s best seller rank is number 98 as you can see here they have to accelerate on Amazon. 

if you’re a seller and if you’ve got accelerating of anything from 50,000 to 100,000 it means you’re selling one book a day this person has accelerating of 98 which belongs in the 35 to 200 seller rating categories as you can see in their category it says there that the seller approximately cells between 300 to 1000 books every single day. 

Earlier we saw that the Kindle price of the book was $6.47 if you multiply that number by the minimum number of copies that can be sold in a day which is 300 the seller can earn at least $1941.00 in a single day. 

that’s awesome do take note that Amazon takes 30% of the total earnings meaning that you have 70% of the total profit if you multiply that number by 70% you get $1358 which is still actually really big now I’m not saying that you’re going to be instantly making this money online but I’m saying that this is possible and you can replicate his exact same strategy so how are you going to get your book published how are you going to get any children’s book or any book on to amazon. 

How To Publish Your Book On Amazon To Make Money Online 

You can do to get your book published as you first need to head over to the site called KDP Amazon (kdp.amazon.com) which stands for Kindle direct publishing what makes this site so trusted and so cool is that it can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world and you can easily publish your book and left then just minutes and it will be up over on Kindle with other books within 24 to 48 hours after publishing. 

all you need to do is just create an account & up for KDP Amazon. 

How To Create Your Own Books 

The last thing that you need to do is obviously you need to create a book now there’s a couple of options that you can do.

First Option: is you can go and create your own book but if you don’t know how to write your own book there are several places that you can do this one option is to head over to fiverr.com. 

on Fiverr you can search for a ghostwriter to write your book now if you search children’s book ghostwriter there are a lot of options in services that can go strike your own children’s book they all come in different price range from 10 dollars $20 all the way up to 1000 dollars $100 and higher. 

Remember that the children’s book is a short book that should be written in at least 250 or 700 words or generally less than 1000 words now once you have found a ghostwriter for your children’s book you need to add illustration and color to your books 

For you can also find illustrators on Fiverr just search again children’s books it was traitor and there will be hundreds of options and services to choose from each varying in different price ranges now once you have done all of that congratulation your book is done and you can now finally upload and publish this on Kindle and Amazon.

Publishing Books On Amazon

After publishing your book what you can do to create and generate more money with your focus to promote your book you need to market and advertise your book to the public and you can do this in different ways.

Strategies you can do this through Facebook, Twitter, Quora add many more one easy way is to join Facebook groups find and search for Facebook related to children’s book and moms looking for children this way you will be able to market and advertise your ebook to more people and the public this is a very quick article but a very powerful strategy that I want to give you these are all the steps that you can do so that you can make money online in 2023 and that’s it. 

How much have you earned so far by publishing books on Amazon for free? 

Let us know in the comment section. 


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