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Letschat: Predict & Win Free Airtime Up to 1,000 Or More

If you know about this platform called Letschat before then this is for you and if you don’t it’s also for you they now have something they called Letschat prediction or Predict and Win Big which can give you free airtime daily. 

The predict and win free airtime features that have just been added by Letschat are the latest features that can help you make at least 1,000 Plus on a daily basis. 

Once you carry out the prediction tax as it was stated by Letschat and when you will get yourself free airtime up to 1,200 Naira or more. 

Most people call it Letschat prediction but we are going to be calling it Letschat predict and win and what you will be predicting is his soccer football World Cup 2022.

This social media platform has now used the advantage of the FIFA World Cup 2023 to bring more awareness to its platform. 

This is also about talking into this is actually not the first time they are running such a campaign. 

For if you know before you should know that Letschat always dishes out free airtime casually. 

About Letschat 

Letschat is just a Social Media platform that wishes to connect people together in different ways by playing games or sending messages like SMS five documents through their platform. 

Now I have it at the back of their mind to add some latest features like the predict and win features that have just been added. 

Most people now call Letschat prediction or Letschat predict and win,  you can win as low as 200 amount reward of airtime once you predict and win. 

Do you have some other things you should know or you will know about the platform you can check here the previous article that we have made about Letschat. 

And if they predict and win features that are just to be added and land you on this article then stick to all are to the end so hard to know how it actually works. 

And how you can actually be a part of winning the free airtime up to 1,000 or more that can be gotten from the Letschat prediction or Letschat predict & win. 

What is Letschat Predict & Win (Letschat Prediction) 

You can call it Letschat predict and win or prediction is the latest feature that has just been added by the platform. 

Which you make a prediction of any match that is available for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and win. 

Then you will be rewarded an amount of airtime that ranges from 300 or more once you follow up with the procedures that are stated with it. 

The letschat prediction is just the latest feature that has just been added to the social media platform so as to create more awareness in our own understanding as we said earlier. 

You can now learn how it actually works below. 

How Does The Letschat Predict & Win Work

Letschat prediction works in such a way that you are able to predict much on a daily basis without paying anything on letschat. 

You predict from the list of matches that are provided by the platform and once you win your prediction you will be redeemed 300 times as a reward. 

Everything I say can be done on the Letschat APK which can be done on a daily basis. 

The amount that is added to every free prediction made on letschat is 100 Naira but once you look around the application and click on the button boost price. 

Your reward will be boosted to 300 per prediction after you copy your link and share it with your friends up to five. 

Sharing your link with your friends up to five times or five different people can help you earn free airtime up to 1,000 or more. 

Is now a time you learn all the letschat prediction or predict and win works and how you can start predicting through the letschat application. 

How To Join The Letschat Prediction And Start Winning Free airtime 

  1. Before you can join letschat predict and win. 
  2. You will need to download the letschat APK or application which can be gotten from the Google Play store or Apple Store
  3. You can also follow through the link here to learn how you can get the app installed on your device. 
  4. After the app has been installed on your device all you need now is to open it and you’ll be prompted to provide your mobile number.
  5. Once you provide your mobile number you will be sent a one-time password OTP that you will need to provide for verification. 
  6. What next is to enter your username and upload your profile. 
  7. After you have been logged in to the application you should see the predict and win big banner at the top of the Letschat main menu. 
    Letschat predict and win big
  8. Click on the predict and win big banner which you should be provided with for ongoing FIFA World Cup football matches for that day. 
  9. You can engage with the prediction based on your football knowledge or share ideas with your friends so has to be on the winning team. 
  10. After you confirm your prediction you can now click on the confirm choice button and move to the next page. 
    Letschat predict match
  11. You will be asked to provide your real image which needs to be done. 
  12. Then you can now share your prediction link to get at least 300 per predictions you made. 
  13. Once you share your link with at least five of your friends on a daily basis. 
  14. Tell everyone to help you click on the boost price button. 
    Letschat boots prediction
  15. Which diet should bruise your prediction price from 100 to 300 prediction. 

Then after the matches end and you are correct with your prediction then the number you used to register should be loaded with 1,200.

That is just how the Letschat predict and win features work or Letschat prediction. 


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