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Huawei Set To Leave US

Huawei Set To Move To China As Trimp Administration Continue To More Pressure. 


 it is reveal that China telecom giants huawei as lauch another flagship in Shanghai,

As the trump Administration continue to put end to the Chinese telecom number,

And since Huawei might lose over 50 million users if they the US as trump Administration wants.

The telecom company have been looking for alternative way to retain is goodwill and is customers,

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As the part of the plan Huawei is trying to move back to home country,

Launching two flagship in the country as more to come.

Few minutes after  the launch hundred of people are already don’t the queue,

As one the company representative claim that the world biggest telecom supplier as plan to build more and more out let in China.

To show case it phones in her home country,

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But eighteen month again  the trump administration accused the telecom giant of stealing america trade idea.

And how ever since then the trump administration have been outing pressure on the telecom giant to step out of USA.

Recalled that part of the measures the Same the trump administration to demote huawei is preventing the company from using Google operating system.

This as bring a wake up cal to the top official in China,

Accputo Chen he  said US is not only suppressing Huawei but the whole of China and the country is ready to support the telecom giant.

At the quarter of 2020 Hauwei already own more than 41% of China telecom.

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