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Learn how to – How To Lease and Monetize unused Public IPv4 Addresses using IPXO

Learn how to – How To Lease and Monetize unused Public IPv4 Addresses using IPXO.

A brief Prelude

In 2011, IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), the body entrusted with the responsibility of registering and allocating IP addresses, domain names, and any other names and numbers that Internet protocols use, allocated the last /8 IP address blocks. This officially depleted the pool of available IPv4 addresses and thus spawned a couple of problems around the globe. Though the internet experts were anticipating this phenomenon, there are lots of challenges of employing technologies to curb it, such as the use of the new IP addressing scheme known as IPv6. It has proven to be difficult to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6 because they are two incompatible technologies that require a total overhaul of IPv4, and the uptake of IPv6 is incredibly slow.

In the meantime, startups, organizations, and companies that need global internet connectivity and presence are finding themselves in a situation where they cannot find public IPv4 with ease because there is an acute shortage of unused IPv4 addresses. This is not only affecting network operators worldwide, but it has dire implications on businesses depending on IPv4 addresses.

Desperate Measures

The IPv4 address shortage presented an unprecedented quandary. Subject matter experts had no option but to come together to brainstorm on the way forward. They come up with suggestions and temporary solutions such as deploying address sharing technologies such as CGNAT, but the problem was still a pain at the heart of it all. Businesses need solutions as fast as possible lest their operations, their growth and their global aspirations are left in a quagmire that they cannot do anything about. Funny enough, as we speak, there are companies such as Xerox that have a lot of IP addresses they got during the early days of the Internet. And what is more interesting is that there are more than 820 million such unused IPv4 addresses that are needed by new and growing companies.

IPXO bails businesses out

Due to such a predicament, the Internet Protocol Exchange Organization, or IPXO for short, has come up with a brilliant idea that will encourage more people or rather organizations to get a hold of unused IPv4 Public IP addresses. The idea is simple, IPXO provides a marketplace that offers organizations that own Public IPv4 addresses the means to monetize their IP addresses. It is a platform intended to motivate the holders of the remaining IPv4 to bring them out for others to use because it gives them the opportunity of making some money from the IP resources they hold. How can such organizations Monetize their public IPv4 IP addresses? You may ask.

Well, the mission of IPXO is pretty straightforward. They are facilitating Public IPv4 monetization to help remedy the IPv4 shortage in the world by matching the parties that have extra Public IPv4 addresses with organizations or companies willing to lease their unused IPv4 addresses for the mutual benefit of both. It is a digital marketplace where customers/buyers come looking for parties that Lease Public IPv4 addresses. IPXO is as user-friendly as possible, making it as painless as it possibly can to lease Public IPv4 addresses without the drama, the confusion, the waiting, and the general difficulty you would experience if you were to buy the resources from RIR.

Willing Buyers and Sellers

Buyers are the ones looking to Lease Public IPv4 addresses while the sellers have IPs and are keen to Monetize the IP addresses at their disposal to the ones who would wish to use them for a given period. IPXO offers a flexible, cost-efficient solution that does not require long-term commitment as leasing IP addresses is more affordable than purchasing them from an RIR. The customers can, for example, lease the block of IPs for a period of six months and then release them where others can lease and use. Compared to buying, Leasing a Public IPv4 address takes a shorter time, is cost-effective, and most of the things required are automated through the IPXO platform, as will be discussed next.

This is how it all works:

Apply for Lease

Any size businesses looking to acquire Cost-Effective Leased Public IP addresses visit the IPXO Marketplace then choose the IP Lease option. Under there, the customer can:

  • Browse and order multiple IP Addresses by CIDR, RIR, or GEO.
  • Get Instant Automated issue of LOA or ROA to take away IPs to any network you need.
  • Easily Manage IP address management solution right in IPXO to control your IP space.
  • Reassign the leased IPs to Any Network stack in minutes.
  • Afford flexible leasing options which will allow leasing IPv4 for your chosen period.
  • Get IPv4 address leases for the best prices in the market or propose your own offer just like in a normal market.

Monetize your Public IPv4 addresses

For the holders who are custodians of unused Public IPv4 addresses and would like to accrue monetary benefits from this scarce resource, the IPXO marketplace is the best place for them to land in and utilize. It is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that allows you to safely monetize your resources to their full potential. As a Public IPv4 holder, you simply visit the IPXO Marketplace page, and there you will have the chance to offer your assets with a promise of:

  • Choosing your desired lease price and scale your earnings accordingly.
  • Signing Letter of Agreement (LOA) Assignment Documents in moments hassle-free.
  • Receiving protection for your data because IPXO follows GDPR Compliance to the letter
  • Getting the promise that the risk of IP addresses getting blacklisted is handled.
  • Receiving payouts to your PayPal account or via bank transfer. This is for the holders of the IP resources.
  • Getting detailed monetization performance of the resources you have leased.
  • The opportunity of setting your Custom Subnet Price
  • There is no better way to have your IPv4 Address needs to be sorted out like IPXO has managed to provide. Just like you would walk into a store to buy your goods, IPXO is the Public IPv4 address market for everyone eager to get a block of these resources. You get flexibility, simplicity, convenience, metrics, automation, and much more as it has been discussed without any hidden costs nor tricks.

In Conclusion

As a party that is lucky enough to be having an extra subnet of public IPv4 addresses, there is a wonderful opportunity for you to not only earn something from them but also to give others the opportunity of getting their services connected to the internet. You have a reliable platform to Monetize your IP addresses while helping the internet grow at the same time.

There is no better place to turn your unused IPv4 resources into a revenue source than with IPXO. They do the heavy lifting while you relax, view your monetization performance as you earn, and enable others to grow. For the ones looking for IPv4 addresses, they now have a place that they can flexibly lease IP resources at a cost-effective rate without meddling with the dirty details involved in changing IP address ownership. IPXO is the one-stop marketplace for all your Public IPv4 opportunities and needs. The next time you need that scarce subnet of addresses for your servers or network, IPXO awaits.


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