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Learn how to – How to Launch Your Own Sports Betting Site

Learn how to – How to Launch Your Own Sports Betting Site.

Are you passionate about sports? Whether it is football, rugby, or any other team activity, you can turn this interest into a business model. Sportsbooks are now more accessible than ever, as all bets are placed online. Launching your own site is also easier than you may think. Here is why. 

The main reason is that there are many gambling operators to look up to nowadays. OlyBet, for example, might be considered one of such thanks to the help of a convenient review from Bookmaker Ratings, available at https://bookmaker-ratings.com/review/olybet-bookmaker-review/. Based on the information from this service, you can choose the best sports betting sites to take as an example for your future project.

Of course, you can build your site from scratch, obtain a license, negotiate with payment processing systems, etc. This sounds like a hassle, and it is a really challenging and expensive quest. With Altenar services and offers, you can become the owner of a fully functional platform quickly. This is what white label solutions are all about. 

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The Concept of White Label

These companies provide customers with comprehensive technological solutions. These can be either bought or leased. The buyer has a right to promote the system under their own brand. This eliminates the broad spectrum of obstacles faced by companies.

  1. Multifaceted Software

You get a finished product, not a number of templates. Thanks to the white label model, the provider does not have to create the system anew for every customer. You get a fully functional bookie platform with a range of payment methods, promotional tools, 24/7 supervision, and other competitive features.

  1. Impressive Flexibility

The system may be customized as you see fit. As your business grows and your needs change, the provider will integrate or remove features accordingly. For example, you may decide to add more payment systems or modify the range of games. 

  1. No Licensing Hurdles

Spare yourself the trouble of obtaining a license on your own. You need a team of highly qualified legal professionals to follow the procedures correctly, and costs are high. Registration is a tedious process with a lot of paperwork. Instead, you can get a cheaper license from your technology provider. Licensing is also a part of white label services.

  1. Range of Games

A white label site may be devoted to sports only or have a combined model (sports events + casino games). The sheer range of games and casino entertainment you can integrate is mind-blowing. After all, betting is a form of gambling, so why not expand your target audience? Popular white label solutions include games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, etc.

  1. Build Your Independent Brand

With time, you may consider investing in your own front-end development. A white label sportsbook is always a convenient start. It allows you to transition to your own license eventually.

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New Opportunities in 2021

The pandemic of 2020 has stimulated people’s interest in online technologies. As consumers were confined to their homes, many of them developed a taste for gambling activities. Like online trading, betting is on the rise. Why not use this growth to your advantage?


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