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Learn how to – How To Convert Video to Any Formats for Easier Playback, Storage and Editing

Learn how to – How To Convert Video to Any Formats for Easier Playback, Storage and Editing.

With the booming of various video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, people are increasingly inclined to express themselves through videos. Videos can not only quickly catch the eyes of viewers, but also highlight their unique personality. However, to handle and present a high quality video is far from easy.

Many users complain that they cannot directly upload videos to YouTube or the like, store 4K/HD videos on a hard disk with small capacity, or import videos to video editing software with Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro etc. Actually, apart from video footage recording, you need take one more step – using a free video converter to make videos compatible with mainstream devices and platforms, and to keep videos in reasonably small file size but high quality.

WinX Video Converter is your solid choice. It’s an easy and free video converter, allowing you to convert, compress and edit 4K/HD videos for various purposes.

Key Features of WinX Video Converter

  • Accept any kinds of videos, regardless of 4K HDR contents, 120fps/240fps sports highlights, high-res raw footages from camcorder, or mobile video clips.
  • Convert 4K/HD video to any formats, be it MP4, HEVC, H.264, WMV, MOV, AVI, WebM, FLV, MP3 etc. to fit with all kinds of screens.
  • Convert videos to fit different screens respectively, such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Apple TV, Xbox, PS5/4, Windows PC, or Mac to fit different screens respectively.
  • Compress 4K or HD video file size by up to 90% without quality loss visually. This helps you faster upload video to the web, error-free playback on under-powered devices and easier storage on capacity limited hard drives.
  • Built with basic video editor, which allows users to customize your video through trimming video into clips, cropping unwanted parts of video frames, merging several video segments into one, rotating videos or adding SRT subtitles to your video etc.
  • Save videos from 1000+ online sites and convert YouTube videos or playlists to MP3, AAC, and MP4 etc.
  • With the support of Intel QSV, CUDA, NVIDIA hardware acceleration, it boosts video conversion to 47x real-time faster.

Surprisingly, it’s fairly easy to convert videos with this 4K video converter. What you need to do is to download and install it on your computer and launch it. Then all can be done within several clicks.

Step 1: Load your video source.

Click “+ Video” button or simply drag-n’-drop to import your video source into WinX Video Converter. You can import several video clips at a time for batch conversion.

Step 2: Choose an output format.

After the video is loaded, you will see an output profile window pops up automatically. Then select an output format you preferred. For different purposes, you have different choices. For example, to play your video in cross-platforms, you can go General Profiles to select MP4 (h264+aac) as output format. To save your video to cloud or hard drive with high quality, you can output the video in HEVC format.

Step 3: Customize video settings as you need.

Optionally, you can also adjust video parameters like video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, audio, aspect ratio and so on. Provided that you’d like to upload a GoPro recorded 4K MOV video at 60fps to YouTube, besides converting MOV to MP4, you can make some settings as following to make it uploading faster but still keeping high quality.  

Downscale 4K to 1080p, change frame rate from 60fps to 30fps, adjust aspect ratio to 16:9 if it’s recorded in 4:3, and slightly lower the bit rate.

Certainly, you can also make some basic editing with WinX Video Converter. Simply click on the scissors-shaped Edit button on the main interface, and tap “Trim” column to cut out the unwanted segments of video, “Crop & Expand” column to remove black bars, “Subtitle” column to add .srt subtitle to your video etc.

Step 4: Start converting videos now.

Click “Browse” button to choose an output folder to save your converted video. And then tap “RUN” button to start converting video immediately.

If your computer is configured with graphic cards that are available for hardware encoding/decoding, it will be invoked automatically to take the load off the CPU to speed up the video conversion process.

To the bottom line

WinX Video Converter is a solid and free 4K video converter that could solve most format incompatibility issues. It can help you convert, compress and edit videos, no matter you’re going to upload videos to the web, play videos on portable devices, store oversized video to capacity limited hard drive, or import camera raw footage to video editing software for editing.


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