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Learn how to – Hoverboard, Caster Board, Mono-wheel: what will be fashionable to ride next summer

Learn how to – Hoverboard, Caster Board, Mono-wheel: what will be fashionable to ride next summer.

We tell you about eco-friendly alternatives to conventional urban transport for the warmer seasons.

1. Hoverboard

To explain simply, it is a foot platform with wheels on each side that can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. This is about the speed at which trained athletes run a marathon. You can ride the hoverboard with friends in the parks or drive it to the bus stop and take it with you.

The hoverboard runs on electricity and is controlled by your body – you need to stand on it with both feet and then shift your body weight forward. Even a small tilt of 15 degrees is a signal to start moving. For turns and backward movement, the bodyweight is shifted to the right side. This device has a variety – a GyroScooter. This is a similar device, but with a telescopic handle in the middle, which helps to control the platform.

The thicker the wheels of the hoverboard, the higher its passability. On the wheels of the thickness of 6 inches ride on smooth asphalt and tiles with a shallow pattern. 8-inch versions will be able to withstand uneven ground. And 10-inch thick wheels will get you through ground, gravel, and puddles.

2. Monowheel

Previously, only acrobats and jugglers in the circus could ride on one wheel. When a motor and running boards were added to it, it became an innovative urban transport. Like a hoverboard, the monocycle is controlled by shifting its center of gravity. To ride it and maneuver it smartly, you need to know how to keep your balance. It usually takes 15 minutes to coordinate the monocycle with your arms, legs, and the rest of your body.

The average speed of the device is 10 miles per hour. The latest models have a higher speed limit of up to 19 mph. For first rides, it is best to use shields and a helmet. Some monocycles are equipped with speakers for playing music via Bluetooth and colored backlighting. This is a cool feature for evening walks.

3. Electric scooter


Another compact and eco-friendly means of getting around town. It looks almost the same as a regular scooter, but it has an electric motor inside, so you don’t have to constantly push with your foot on the sidewalk to accelerate.

At Evxstore.com you can choose between the classic design or the version with a seat. The second version looks like a moped, but is much more maneuverable and does not need gasoline. The speed of electric scooters reaches 20 miles per hour.

These devices can be folded: first, you drive gracefully through the city, and then deftly fold an electric scooter and go drink coffee. And there’s no searching for parking. You can’t walk around with it under your arm, because it weighs 20 to 110 pounds. But you can take it to the office or a cafe.

4. Caster Board

Similar to a surfboard, only with wheels. Riding resembles surfing or snowboarding: similar leg movements and hand position. If you already know how to do any of these things, it will be easier for you to learn how to Caster Board. And vice versa: riding around town on a roller-surf will help you conquer waves and snow slopes with more confidence.

You can not only race around town on these boards but also perform various tricks – the design provides for 360-degree turns. Rollersurf lovers say that they experience a flying-sliding feeling while riding.

5. E-bike

Or simply, an electric bike. This is already a serious means of transportation, on which you can go on a hike or to the other end of town, bypassing traffic jams. E-bikes go up to 25 miles per hour, so it’s best to use them only with a helmet.

An electric bike is a great help if you want to ride your bike to work without breaking a sweat. Or go for long walks in the mountains and hills without dreaming of an extra pair of legs. And it also helps to balance your strength in a pair where one partner rides much faster and the other is always lagging.


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