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Google Assistant: Google now allow users to make payment through voice

It was reported yesterday that the button to allow users to set their Google assistants to make payment online with their assistant set-up was spotted which the update seems not to be announced yet. 


Recently we just got another info from a platform that stated that Google now allows users to make payments with their voice. We hear that right and we wish to bring the update to you. 


Google assistant is a bot that is been told to carry out some operation on any android device which supports the bot in an easy way you tell him to carry out the operation and it will do much for you, now Google seems to add another update to it which implies making payment I mean making payment for any bills through your own voice note. 


Although some people have gotten the update on their device which implies a few steps to get the setting or the command work for you which some people seem to not find the option for the setting yet on their device may be the general update is not yet carried out. 


We like to show you how you can be able to Carry out the process yourself and start to make a payment on Google through your voice. 


How To Set-up Google Voice Payment 


To set-up or to be able to locate Google voice payment setting on your phone follow below steps


  1. Locate the Google app on your android device.
  2. Then select the option for More and go-to settings.
  3. Then make a click on Google Assistant select you.
    Google Assistant
  4. And lastly Payment from there you can implement the Google voice payment settings. 

We said earlier that the update is not yet circulated if you are lucky enough you will find the settings located on your device as we stated above. 

Google voice payment

The features that Google adds to the assistant bot might cause some controversy in such a way that we get essays for you but it might affect you in the same way. 


In the sense that someone, either your children or siblings can easily record your voice view some audio chip and implement in such a way that the Google Assistant will recognize it as your voice which they can now get full access to your credit card or to buy stuff for there self through your device technology as gone broad to some extent dear… so I don’t know things like that can come around. 


We feel like to hear from you what you think and what your own opinion about this update that Google just made? 


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