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Glo Activation Of 5X Bonus Airtime Glo Amebo

Glo network provider as establish new tariff plan called Glo Amebo
which will allow you has there customer to talk as you like with the activation of the plan Amen Plan

The plan Seems to be 5X bonus which will redeem to you five times
(5X ) of anything you recharge on your line ranging from N100 upwards.

With these 5X bonus that will be redeem to you on any of your recharge
as stated above, You can talk in a belleful ways to any of your friends or families either view glo network it self or any other network available in Nigeria.

According To Glo Network Provider

As the brand that continually develops innovative products that deliver best value for money,
we are proud to announce the launch of a 5X Offer known as Glo Amebo, where you can talk belleful to all NETWORKS.


You will keep enjoying 5X of the value on any of your recharge of N100 and above as we said earlier.

Glo Amebo Data Table Chat 5x Bonus

As said earlier is depen on the amount you recharge which will determine the amount of data that will be redeem to you as shown via below chat range from the Recharge bonus to the Main Bonus next to the validity or validation days.

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    Recharge Amount  Main Account (N)   5X Bonus account (N)     Bonus Validity (Days)

1.         100                       0                             500                              14 Days

2.          200                       0                          1,000                              14 Days

3.          500                       0                           2,500                              30 Days

4.          1,000                     0                         5,000                               30 Days


The chat simple explanation, it rang from N100 To N1000 which means if you recharge N100 bonus dat will be redeem with the money is N500 Same to if you recharge N200 Bonus bal will be N1000 and so on till it reaches N1000 that is if you Recharge N1000 You will be granted with the bonus amount of N5000

So what are you still waiting for go grab a glo sim now and let go for the glo amebo plan.

5x Bonus Airtime Validity or Validation Days.

The airtime ( 5x Bonus) that will be redeem to yoh is valid for 14days and 30days depending on recharge value as stated above on there specifications. So you should or you will know which one to go for and the best for you make a choice.

How To Activate 5X Bonus On Glo (Gl Amebo)

All you have to do to activate these plan (Amebo plan) on your glo line is to just dial *555*RechargePIN#. The recharge bonus also available on e-topup channels as well that sound great to me don’t know about you reader.

Let know about your opinion on the 5x bonus plan that glo recently announced view the comments box And try to join our telegram channel.


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