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Learn how to – Folx 5 Review – Download Manager for macOS

Learn how to – Folx 5 Review – Download Manager for macOS.

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Folx 5 is a download manager that is available to users for free. Released in early 2016 by Eltima Software, the download manager is still in popular use because of several features such as a new comprehensive design and a sophisticated user interface. One of the major reasons for its high utility is the absence of the faux woodgrain. It is a lightweight Mac utility downloader. The technology experts have given it a rating of four and a half stars. It is a fully-featured download manager ideal for use in OS X and comes with an in-built uTorrent alternative feature, a huge browser support system, and smart tagging features.

How does Folx 5 work? 

Understanding the working of the Folx 5 download manager is rather easy. Before you start downloading, you can select a wide range of options. Some such options are scheduling transfers for a later time or date and using smart tags. You can also choose the number of CPU threads to increase the download speed as per the project. 

Folx comes with a plugin that can, in a way, help grab downloads for you from other platforms like Firefox, Safari, Opera Browsers, or Chrome. By doing this, it allows the applications to take over the downloading work. Using the plugin is reliable as compared to other speed downloaders. This is an important feature of the plugin because it helps split the transfer across two separate threads, which in turn helps in faster downloads. If there is an interruption in the download by any chance, the system does not restart the download, and the software resumes it from where it left off. 

Besides being a download manager, Folx is also an alternative torrent client and supports magnet links. With the help of Folx, you can also assign the downloads to more than one tag. This makes it easier for you to locate them in the list by simply clicking the download entries that you want to have a look at. 

A notable feature is that the Folx 5.0 version has introduced a password management system. This system comes in handy if you frequently download from websites asking for authentication before proceeding. It helps you save passwords that can save plenty of time and make the process automatic. However, users can also add the username, password, and host credentials manually as per the need. The limit is restricted to saving data to only two websites in the case of free users. However, there is no limit for users with Pro Upgrade. 

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Pros and Cons of Folx 

Some of the major pros of Folx are enlisted below:- 

  1. The browser integration of Folx has a wide base, and it is ideal for OS X and Mac.
  2. The user interface is modern and clear for use.
  3. It has an in-built torrent feature. 
  4. The Pro upgrade is available at pocket-friendly rates.
  5. The Pro upgrade gives access to YouTube downloads and several other features like scheduling, etc. 

Some of the cons of Folx have been given below:- 

  1. You need to pay to get access to all the best features via Pro upgrade. 
  2. The menu bar agent of Folx is too simple and basic. 
  3. One-click options are not available to clear out the list of the completed downloads.

Final Word

The Folx 5 is one of the best Mac OS X download managers with several amazing features. It helps ease your download projects by increasing the speed of downloads and providing several options to manage the downloads. There are occasional disadvantages, but they are all easily tackled by the pros of the download manager. The user interface is extremely sophisticated and clean and can be easily used by beginners as well. The Pro Upgrade version gives you access to various options such as password authentication for unlimited websites, huge browser support, smart tags, and much more. 


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