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Flits Airdrop: Earn upto 100$ (30,000) plus from FLS Airdrop


We are introducing to you the latest genuine airdrop in town right now called “Flits (FLS)”. We will guide you on how you can benefit from it. But before we start showing you how to participate in the Flits airdrop, let’s first of all explain what an airdrop is for some of us that don’t know what it means.

What is an airdrop?

Airdrop is the process whereby free virtual currencies or tokens are distributed to wallets of eligible customers by blockchain project distributors. These tokens are usually small at first but can gain much value with time. 

Airdrops are promoted on the company’s website and on cryptocurrency forums. It is a strategy that starting cryptocurrencies use in attracting in the strong market competition. Sending free coins or tokens to wallet addresses is a market strategy with the main aim of creating awareness and attracting people to the new virtual currency. People are usually made to perform some easy task in order to receive some certain amount of the token.Some might ask “does airdrop really work?” The truth is “yes it does”. There are many fake airdrops out there organized by fraudulent people which makes it difficult to know the real ones but we are about to show you this genuine one. Airdrops always have limited time. So the earlier the better for you.

About Flits

Flits is the first and safest decentralized mobile master node app.Through use of flits app users will get a lot of spare time on their hands. You can manage your investment anywhere, anytime. You can deposit and invest bitcoin with the flits app and also start a master node with a few clicks.

Earn Free Cryptocurrency From Crypto Airdrop (Bitcoin Ethereum & More)
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How to join the flits wallet airdrop

To qualify for the free gift, a recipient would need to perform a certain task such as posting about the currency on a social media forum.

You must have a smartphone, telegram, twitter 

  1. Download the flits app here
  2. Join flits on telegram
  3. Follow flits on twitter
  4. Follow flits on Facebook
  5. Join flits on discord
  6. Like and retweet this and this tweet
  7. Submit your details to the airdrop bot
  8. 3000 randomly selected people will receive $1 each in FLS tokens.



For every friend you invite you get $0.1 in FLS tokens. There is also a bonus for top 10 referrals.


First place gets $500


Second place gets $300


Third place gets $200


4th-10th place gets $100 each.

So the more friends you refer, the more tokens you get. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. This was how bitcoin started.

N/B: Airdrop ends on 20/7/2020 and Airdrop distribution starts on 15/8/2020


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