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FIFA 18 Mod FC 24 Full Version Android Download Apk OBB Data Offline

At this stage you should have already downloaded the particular game FIFA 18 mod FIFA 24 already you might have been searching for another one that we are going to share with you right now which is the Fifa 18 mod FC 24 full version for Android download APK OBB and data offline that come with new tournament mode and new transfer for 2023/2024 season. 

In other words, the game can also be referred to as fifa 18 Patch FC 24 or fifa 18 Patch EA Sports FC 24 anyone you call it adds the mod aspect you are still referring to the same things. 

The game should house a modified version of the FIFA 18 mod EA Sports FC 24 game that has been modified in such a way as to provide a full version for Android in an offline mode that comes with a new tournament mode. 

Aside from the new tournament mode of this particular game, you should also see full transfer for the 2023 and 2024 seasons of the game, which is a complete version of the FIFA 18 mod game. 

FIFA 18 Mod FC 24 

This particular FIFA 18 mod FC 24 you are about to download should make you have enough data available that will help you to download the game. 

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Because the game has been fully provided with the newest version of the files that include the APK file, the OBB file, and the data file of the game we allow you to play the game in offline mode. 

And the offline mode of the game has come with the new tournament mode followed up with the new transfer for 23/24.

Most people have been looking for this game that is said to be FIFA in teen mod EA Sports FC 24.

So approximately you should have at least 3GB set aside for you to download this game before you can think of installing it to your device. 

But before you download and install it it is recommended to look into the updated features of the FIFA 18 mod EA Sports FC 24 game and also look at the features of the tournament mode of the game then you can proceed to download the game to your device. 

Features Of Updated Fifa 18 Mod EA Sports FC 24

  • One of the new updates of this game is Jercy which features the 23/24 update. 
  • It also comes with a new camera, a new face pack, and new two career modes. 
  • A game with an updated transfer for the 23-24 season. 
  • The game is also presented with new graphics features in HD Ultra. 
  • It also comes with the FIFA 18 menu edition. 
  • The latest updated tournament mode. 
  • Updated new classic match and legendary team. 
  • Logo for Club in League One and enter Miami team Club logo new update. 
  • Saudi Pro League SPL. 
  • Updated new stadium and running text. 
  • Eligible to run on Android 13 and upward. 

There are a lot of features that the game comes with because it is a full edition of the game in offline mode which is complete and also supports gamepad in DLl which is something you should also know as one of the major features of the game. 

Mod FC 24 Tournament List

Before most people download any of this game they will like to know some kind of tournaments that this football game or that the football game comes with which is why we also make a list of the tournament modes that are available on this FIFA 18 mod esport FC 24 game you are about to download. 

  • We like you to know that the games come with tournament mode in full pack that includes:
  • UEFA Champions League for 23-24 season. 
  • UEFA Conference League for the 2023/2024 season. 
  • UEFA Europa League for 23-24.
  • The game also comes with a career mode for players. 
  • The manager mode for career mode is also available. 
  • You should also find classic matches and challenging modes in the game. 

They are also ordered tournaments that are available on it which you will get to know about once you download and install the game on your device in different kick-offs. 

Download Fifa 18 Mod FC 24 Apk OBB Data Offline For Androids 

The download page comprises three different kinds of download links that will help you to download the FIFA and team mod EA Sports FC 24 APK OBB and the data file full version. 

You can proceed or download them one after the other and use the installation guide to install the game before you can start playing it. 

Game Name Fifa 18 Mod EA Sports FC 24
Other Name  Fifa 18 Mod Fc 24
Other files Apk, OBB, Data
Version  Full Version 
Supported Devices  Android 13 upwards 

Download Here

How To Install Fifa 18 Mod

Firstly download Zarchiver APK, a file manager to help us extract any zip file. 

Make use of Zachiever to extract the three files that you just downloaded which are the APK obb and data for the FIFA 18 mod FC 24 game. 

After the extraction has been done, the zip files have been unzipped. 

Move the OBB file to the appropriate OBB folder. 

The OBB folder can be found inside the Android folder. 

The same applies to the data file of the game. 

Once bought the OBB and the data file have been moved to the appropriate folder. 

Proceed to install the APK file of the game to your device. 

After the game has been installed you can now open it and start playing the football or soccer game on your device. 


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