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FCMB Referral Program: Earn $30 (N15000) Weekly Or More

This platform is to bring my improvement to their system. That’s why they come about in the fcmb referral program which can be gotten from their mobile app. 

The fcmb mobile app is one of the online banking system app which has been in the system for quite a long time. 

Birthday wishes to make more people know about them so they now come ahead to bring their referral program which can earn you up to 15,000 or more on a weekly basis. 

About FCMB 

Fcmb is just a name of a banking system that you can find in the West African region read are mainly to help people deposit and save their money. 

From the terminologies, we can now go ahead to look into the fcmb mobile app follow-up with the fmcb referral program. 

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We are going to be talking about one after the other but you should know that the fcmb provides a 100% banking system to the users or customers. 

What Is FCMB Mobile App

The fcmb mobile app is just an application that you can download to your device and start making use of it for your online banking system. 

They have made an upgrade to the app which you can get from the Google Play store or App Store. If you’re familiar with online mobile banking apps majorly then you are good to go to make use of this fcmb mobile app. 

The new update from this app triggers the fcmb referral program which can be gotten from the latest version for those who wish to partake in the program. 

The program brought about the fcmb referral code and the fcmb referral ID which we are also going to be talking about soon. 

What is fcmb referral program?

Do you have sent by a program is a program that is designed for fcmb users or customers who have gotten their app installed to their device and wish to let people know about the platform. 

The referral program allows people to earn money by inviting people using their fcmb referral code or ID that can send you up to 15,000 weekly or more if possible. That’s once you follow up with some major task. 

You will get to know more info about the federal program and how you can get to invite your friends which will allow you to end on this platform once you follow up to the end of this article. 

What is fcmb referral code?

The fcmb referral code is a unique code that is provided to every member that wishes to partake in the fcmb referral program the cold we specify that a particular person has invited someone to the fcmb platform to download and install the app. 

 also need to open the fcmb account so as to make things complete you can learn more about what you need to not only for our program below. 

What do I need before I can join the fcmb referral program?

You will need to be someone that is making use of fcmb bank before and know about the mobile app. 

In summary you will have an account with fcmb before and also know about their mobile app which you will need to follow some certain steps like inviting your friends and let them carry out some little amount of transaction on their fcmb account. 

For you to be able to partake in this program you will need to open an account which you can follow up with the process of how you can get that done below. 

How to open an fcmb account

There are several ways that you can use to get or open an fcmb account, which one of them has been making use of by using their mobile app which is the fcmb mobile application or fcmb app. 

Some people visit the official branch or outlet that is closer to their area before they can go ahead to open an account or open an FNB account. 

But you don’t need all that once you get the application on your device or you need to follow some easy Steps. 

Provide some regular information after you provide the appropriate information that has been asked for from the app. 

then you can now go ahead to carry out everything you need to do or everything you want to do with the app. 

You can ask where to partake in the referral program once you finish opening your account through the app or through the fcmb app. 

So what you need is to download the app and go ahead to register an account that will be tagged as your fcmb account once you finish with the registration process. 

How to download fcmb app

  • All you need to do is to go to your mobile device play store or app store
  • Then head straight to the search button and click on it. 
  • And search for fcmb you are provided with the app. 
  • Download and install it to your device then follow up with the process below. 
  • So as to get the registration process completely done. 

How to register an account on fcmb app

  1. After you download and install the app on your device ID on an Android or iOS device. 
  2. Open it and click on the signup button that is tagged with the open account button.
  3. This will trigger you as a new user that wants to open a fcmb account or register a new account. 
  4. You will need to follow up with the signup page by providing some general information. 
  5. Select, I want to open an fcmb account. 
  6. Next, you will need to sell it if it’s a personal or a business account. 
  7. Since it is not a business account you will need to select it personally. 
    fcmb referral
  8. You will need to provide your bank verification number (BVN).
  9. Which is mostly asked by most or all banks for verification purposes. 
  10. After you provide it you will need to enter the date of birth linked or registered with the BVN. 
  11. Once the information is provided tally with bvn you will be asked to verify it as the owner. 
  12. Which year one-time password will be sent to the number linked or register with your bvn. 
  13. Then you will click on the proceed body and provide some information. 
  14. Part of the information you will need to provide is the next of kin details of your picture and upload a clear signature of yours. 
  15. What night will be asked if you are a fan by someone then you will select a friend. 
  16. And provide or enter 6768201 as the referral code of the personal referral you which is us. 
    fcmb referral code
  17. Then you can now click on the next button and wallah bump you will be provided with your fcmb account number on the next page with a successful message. 
  18. Next thing is to set up your profile which you will need to provide a username and password underneath for login on the fcmb mobile app. 
  19. Plus a four-digit pin will be used for any transaction on your fcmb mobile app or application. 
  20. Then what next you need to do is to fund your account with a minimum amount of 115 Naira
  21. Just to confirm that your account is active so you can make the transfer from your other bank or tell a friend to make the transfer to you by just copying the fcmb account number that you just received from your dashboard. 

Send the amount that was mentioned above and next thing is to know how you can get your own fcmb referral code and start referring your friends so as to earn more money by working with the fcmb. 

How does fcmb referral program work

The fcmb referral program works in such a way that when you refer five people to open and download the fcmb mobile app. 

Also, perform the minimum transaction amount of N115 with their fcmb account you will get paid at N3000.

Likewise, when 10 people follow up the same process and carry out the tax completely you will get paid for your referral reward amount of 6000 $15 as a referral reward. 

Note: people you refer to the platform must completely carry out the tax and complete five so as to get your reward for if they don’t complete you won’t get paid.

Also when they are registering make sure they make use of your referral code so that you can learn how you can get yours below. 

The referral code determines that you are the person that referred them to open an fcmb account and download the application likewise register using the fcmb app. 

If you refer up to 20 people your reward will be determined by the number of people you refer successfully to the platform using your referral code. 

How to get your fcmb referral code

If you have made up your mind that you can refer as many people to the platform and you wish to partake in the fcmb referral program then follow up with the process below to get your fcmb referral ID. 

  • Login to your fcmb account using the mobile app. 
  • Click on the menu icon and scroll down select settings. 
  • Under settings click on referral an error message with trigger itself. 
  • Not to worry, what you need to do is to go ahead so you’re fcmb main dashboard on the mobile app. 
  • And copy your account number and use the force 7 digits as your referral code ( example 6768201)
  • So my account number is 6768201016, which makes me have a referral code of 6768201.

You can now use the code to refer your friends if you wish to partake in the fcmb referral program. 

We have some other articles that speak about all talks about fcmb bank or fcmb this is not the first time fcmb is dishing out funds to people that follow up or carry out some tax for them. 

So make use of the process and stick to the tax and see how things will turn out. 


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