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Learn how to – Ezoic vs Adsense – A Detailed Comparison

Learn how to – Ezoic vs Adsense – A Detailed Comparison.

Maximizing the revenue that you get from your website without sacrificing viewers is the ultimate skill to have. Some tools help you do that by optimizing all key aspects of your content and your approach toward finding new audiences. Among these tools, Google AdSense and Ezoic have made quite a name for themselves. While Google AdSense is the OG platform for earning money from your websites, Ezoic is the contender with new ideas. In this article, we will look at each of these platforms from different angles to determine which would be the best option for you in the coming year!

Introduction to AdSense

Simply put, AdSense is a tool created by Google that allows website owners to make money from their websites by displaying ads. It is simple to use and does not require too much learning to get things going. However, making the most of it requires quite a lot of strategizing, as many people who use it would tell you. The system uses several content and user data indicators to determine what kind of ad should be posted on any specific website. The goal is to ensure that your content aligns with the type of ads you end up showing using Google AdSense.

The relationship between the content and the ads is the only key factor that website owners get to work with. Seeing the right kind of ads that are relevant to the content you have on your website means you have a higher chance of getting clicks and earning a commission. However, the customization and optimization opportunities offered here are limited, and you get to see the results after implementing every strategy for your content. Generally, this is where people start their revenue generation journey before moving on to more advanced methods.

What Are the Requirements for Using AdSense?

Just like Ezoic, AdSense also comes with its own set of requirements. You must fulfill all of them to make sure your request to join their platform gets approved. Here are the requirements that Google has set out for joining AdSense:

  • The person signing up for AdSense must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The website must have active posting and viewership and a decent level of credibility.
  • The content published on your website must be original and have a unique element to it. It should also be relevant to your services if you are offering any.
  • The content also needs to be engaging. This is a recently added requirement as Google is trying to promote genuinely created websites that provide useful information that people take the time to go through.

Having a good understanding of how the AdSense tool and program works is also required to ensure you meet the above requirements and actively update your content to meet the ever-changing requirements of AdSense. One thing to keep in mind here is that these requirements only give you a good chance of getting approval. It is still possible that you do not get approval for AdSense, even after you meet all their requirements. In case you do not get approval, you will get some information from Google regarding the shortcomings that they found in your application, website, or its content.

Introduction to Ezoic

Ezoic is one of the best places where you can find machine learning as a key source for website optimization. This platform takes on multiple angles to improve content and presentation to achieve the best possible user experience while maximizing revenue generation. The platform gets direct access to the website’s real-time performance metrics and uses an analytical approach for determining user behavior to make real-time changes to the layout of the entire website. This includes the content, the presentation of assets, and the ad placement on each page. The website owners also get a lot of use from the tool in terms of performance metrics and it allows a high level of manual customization.

User behavior is the biggest part of the platform’s approach toward achieving its targets and that is where its machine learning service truly shines. With more than 10 billion data points fed to its learning algorithm and more being added constantly, it takes every piece of user data available to make accurate predictions and adjust accordingly. This makes it possible for the website to be optimized for each user, thereby maximizing traffic and revenue generation.

What Are the Requirements for Using Ezoic?

Ezoic does not take on every website and only takes on projects that meet certain maturity criteria. These are implemented to ensure the outcome is significant enough for the website owner. It is also to make sure their tool can effectively work as there needs to be sufficient data available for accurate predictions. Here are the requirements you need to fulfill:

  • The website needs to be active for at least a couple of months, preferably more.
  • There should be a decent amount of traffic for their tool to analyze for optimization.
  • The content on the website should be original and should not include anything that is copyrighted, be it content or downloadable files.
  • The sources of your traffic should be reliable.
  • No illegal content should be posted on your website.
  • The language used for the content should be supported by AdSense. Google has a list of languages published for users.

You can also visit Ezoic’s website to view all their requirements and guidelines to ensure you can get accepted for their services. The process requires an application submission process which, once approved, gets you access to their full suite of services.

How Much Money Will Ezoic / Adsense Make You?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, as there are plenty of factors that come into play. Most important among these is the amount of traffic your website can pull, the types of and the frequency of ads you display on your website, and the keywords you use in your content, especially the relevant high CPC keywords. In addition to that, you also have the option of negotiating rates with ad networks here which can also mean a low or high level of income per ad.

Looking at the market, most people using Ezoic report high earning rates and are generally satisfied with the level of income they earn compared to their website traffic and content. That alone makes it worth checking out, especially considering that almost everyone has had the experience of using Google’s offering.

Just like Ezoic, AdSense income also has several factors impacting it, so giving any number or range would be impossible. As far as the factors are concerned, they are a bit more detailed than Ezoic which means you need to put in more effort. These include the amount of traffic, the use of high CPC keywords in your content, and the type of ads being shown on your website. AdSense automatically determines the type of ads that would go with your website’s content, so there is no real negotiation platform available for most users. There are additional factors to consider too with AdSense which include the quality of your content, level of engagement from visitors, and more.

The only focus you can have when trying to maximize income with AdSense is to maximize traffic on your website. The more people you have visiting your website, the more earnings you will be able to secure.

How Does Ezoic Go Beyond AdSense?

Ezoic and AdSense are both powerful tools that website owners can use to earn more revenue. However, there are quite a few things that Ezoic does which AdSense simply does not do or is not as good at doing. We are sharing these things here for your consideration.

  1. The impact of utilizing artificial intelligence

AdSense is a platform that utilizes AI too, but it is just for the benefit of Google’s experience optimization for users. It does not play any role in helping website owners optimize their website content. Ezoic has its own AI that focuses on bridging the gap between the website’s content and the requirements set by search engines to make sure they are optimized to not only attract maximum traffic but also ensure that it is as relevant as possible. This leads to a significant improvement in the website’s ranking and quickly improves credibility.

The system also provides useful information derived from this AI that helps you develop your content strategy more effectively. The insights available on this platform are beyond the information you can find on AdSense. While a lot of this information is the same, how the platform helps you put it to use is where Ezoic takes the lead.

  • The Ezoic support and community

Community forums are probably the biggest strength that AdSense has when it comes to customer support. You can find all kinds of information about the system and people will have asked questions that you need an answer to. However, Ezoic counters that by providing decent customer support where you can talk to the people behind the tool directly and get more personalized responses. In addition to that, they also have a Facebook Group where you can engage with other Ezoic users and get quick responses. If you are curious about response times, the support staff typically responds to queries within one day.

  • Ezoic offers higher CPM rates than AdSense

The average CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) value shared by Ezoic users is about $2.00 which is higher than AdSense which is offering about $1.50. This difference in value means that for every 1000 impressions, you will be making $0.50 more with Ezoic than you would with AdSense. On a large enough scale, this difference can turn out to be quite massive. While the CTR offered by AdSense is a bit higher than Ezoic, the difference is much less, and it still depends on a lot of performance-related factors.

  • Automated advertising strategy

AdSense only focuses on targeting the right customer and that means if your content strategy is not completely aligned, your earnings will drop significantly. However, Ezoic does not focus on that too much and rather experiments on the ads it displays. This means it can change the layout and style of the ad in real-time to meet the needs of any specific visitor on your website. This can significantly increase the chance of getting clicks on your ads and increase your revenue from each user.

  • No automatic bans on accounts

One of the most frustrating things that AdSense users face is getting banned from the platform without any warning or notice. You are unable to do anything about it and in most cases, the ban is permanent. With Ezoic, if you violate any of their rules or have any suspicious activity happening, they will provide you with a written notice asking you to rectify the problem.

There are other benefits of using Ezoic as well including a lower payment threshold ($20 as compared to $100 on AdSense), and a lack of ad dilution. Dilution can be a serious problem for AdSense users which is something you can completely avoid with Ezoic.

Summing Up.

Both AdSense and Ezoic are great tools for earning money from your website using ads. However, looking closer reveals that Ezoic provides a much more tailored service for its users than AdSense. Using AI alone makes it a much more proactive tool for maximizing ad revenue. The higher CPM and the ability to negotiate your rates also give a major advantage, especially once your website gains a certain level of credibility. You can try them both if you want, but we recommend that you switch to Ezoic as soon as your website meets their requirements. Given the fact that they also offer a free version of their service, there is hardly anything stopping you from experiencing more control over your website’s revenue generation strategy.


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