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Pes 2024 (eFootball) Apk OBB v8.2.0 Download For Android

If you have been looking for where to get your favorite game then you should be on the right page where you can download PES 2024  efootball APK OBB which has been designed for Android devices with the latest version 8.2.0 which is one of the favorite soccer games for mobile. 

The game is said to come with the latest updated version in different features and different categories where you should be able to see more improvement in graphics that make the players look more realistic. 

Apart from that you should be able to have the game with the latest updated player transfer follow up with fully updated license teams that come with fully updated kits. 

This particular game that we are talking about efootball PES 2024 is one of the best real-life football games that have a live football update which is a Major device design for both Android and iOS devices for soccer game lovers to help them play and experience live football gaming on their various mobile devices. 

Open playing every particular tournament on this game you should unlock some major features of the game like getting a casual reward on a different goal you saw his score on the game and how you manage your football team followed by how you should play around with the online multiplayer features on when you wish to play with an AI. 

You take full control of your game and manage your team to lead them to how they will eat their own trophy and be a football soccer game Legend. 

Pes 2024 (eFootball) 

This section contains the game description which should lead you to an exciting way of playing your soccer game with the kind of players that you wish to play the game with. 

When we talk about the realistic mode PES efootball 2024 comes with these features in the kind of well-animated graphics that it has been embedded with or designed with. 

It has the kind of gaming experience you will have on your mobile device which should make it look more real with the kind of features you would like to see on the game efootball™ world. 

Major Features Of The Game

One of the major features of the game PES efootball 2024 is that it features the most European games you should see some top related clubs involved Barcelona Manchester City Bayern Munich and so on which licence Clubs are offered on the game. 

Apart from featuring European clubs, you should also be able to engage in tournaments and see different South American clothes and some major new lists available. 

All leagues and clubs that appear in this game are well-licensed with real-time information. 

As you should also experience online matches with real-time updated information on various club leagues and players. 

Whichever one you access the game you should be able to create your own dream team by going ahead by signing different players as your favourite. I’m managing by developing their fitness and playing Styles You can also attach them with different tests, which is one of the great features of the game. 

You will engage in different tournaments which will make you have a lot of phones relating to EA sports games that are also designed for mobile. 

And you shouldn’t be left outside with an amazing reward that you will get once you carry out or accomplish any Mission by winning any tournament on the game that makes it much more fun to play. 

You will keep playing till you become a life Legend among others that you can also select and even engage in tournaments with some Legend footballers like David Beckham Carlos and so on. 

Download efootball Pes 2024 Apk OBB 

Once you download the game efootball pes 2024 APK OBB you do not need to download any additional files for the game which should cover up with the higher download files that you will need to download for the game. 

The latest updated version is now available which will bring fast updates regularly on our major social media platforms on the telegram channel Alitech and stay more updated. 

Game Name efootball Pes 2024
Also called Pes 2024 or Pes 24
Version  8.2.0
Download Size 2.80GB
Files Apk OBB 
Last Update 20 December 2023

Download Here

Graphics Display

Once you download it you should be able to develop your own favorite player and give them to your own Dream Team which can only be done with the power of  efootball™ world…

You can play against any opponents online. 

How To Install

This section just contains how to install efootball PES 2024 APK OBB on your various Android devices. 

You can also make use of the porch steps or procedure to complete the installation process on your mobile device. 

  • Get a mobile device file extractor. 
  • Most people make use of each Zarchiver pro APK. 
  • Download it and install it on your device. 
  • Download the game APK and OBB file set aside for PES 24 above. 
  • Extract it and proceed to the next step by moving the OBB file. 
  • Move the OBB file to the OBB folder you find under the Android folder in your storage unit. 
  • Once you move it you cannot proceed to install the efootball pes 24 APK, open it and start playing your game. 

This is just the latest updated version of the game that you can keep coming for more to See more related updated versions that we will keep you posted on them. 


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