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West Coast: Earn Upto $100 From West coast

West coast offer anyone that Register through there app upto +3000 Sats BTC ($3 plus) just for registration bonus undo other bonus include like:

  • When you Check in +20,They also have there daily check in system just like Vova did. 
  • Linking of your Email to your  account also attract reward of +50 Sats BTC. 
  • Replacement of your profile pic from the default one also reward you extra +50 sats BTC. 
  • Changing of your Username from your  account also reward you another 50+ sats BTC. 
  • Verification of your  account earn you reward too. 
  • Over all of others Miner, Also Referral System Earn you +2000 sats BTC after the person you refer Registered. 

Reward from West Coast

Before we go more further I will like us to know what west coast are and what they are all about likewise what they are capable of overall what is west coast. 


What is West Coast 

They said to be The world’s largest social, strategic investment platform for digital asset, Asset like Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Etc). They also involved in  Crypto Mining which you will have to deposit some amount Bitcoin before you can join there Bitcoin Mine Some Conditions are attached to it although. 

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Seems these platform are more related to Vova and coinsbit which we already make review on these same site you can check them out directly from here

What is West Coast

On these posts we will lead you through the way on how you can register and get your rewards on west coast. 


How to Register on West Coast 

  • Click here to download west app 
  •     Either for Android or IOS you will see the option as show in the screen shot below. 
  • After successful download and install open the app below menu bar. 
  • Click on my you will see option  there to log-in and register. 

Since you a new user click on Register 

  •      Fill-in your details  has state on the app. 

Details ranging from your Phone number, Password and invite code (These your invitation “mqzrgf”).

Note: If you use your Mtn line and your verification was not send to you they slide to change the number to either airtel line or other network that you may have. 


N/B: You must use  invite code (mqzrgf) provided on these page so that your Reward can be redeemed to your account and also first log-in involve your phone and password in these way: [phone number :7066670798 and pass:Alitech@Me2rt4]

your country code only will be excluded from the number. Also you can click above on the registration page to change your country with your respective country code. For Nigerian that may think maybe you are not eligible to register on west coast that may want to proceed on using VPN. No need of doing that cause you  will be verified has a Nigeria and that why space to change your country code is provided in the registration page on the app. 


How To Link your Email with your West Coast Account. 

As we said earlier linking of email to your  account earn you an extra reword of +50 sats BTC so don’t hesitate to link your email to your account. 


Procedures  to link your Email on West Coast 


  1. Click on My below the Menu bar on your west coast app. 
  2. Locate Setting and click on it
  3. Selecte link email
  4. Then generate new verification which will be sent to your registered phone number with west coast 
  5. Paste the code input your email 
  6. Get the verification code sent to your email
  7. Finally click on link. 

Thats all about linking of your email to your west coast account. 

West Coast

How to Copy Your Referral Link And Code From West Coast 


On your Dashboard Click on miner from there you will be redirect to a page will provide you your refer code and button to redirect to page on how and rule guiding there referral systems. 


Rules Guiding West Coast Referral System 


Generate your refer link
  • Activity description: you will be rewarded will 2000 sats BTC when the user you refer registered. No limit for west coast invitation 
  • Invited user allowed: During the activities user that have never been invited to download and register west coast app (Same user with one device will be considered has one user) .
  • Invite Successfully: user get invited need to use there picture or link  to register has community user. 
  • To some users who use improper ways to gain rewards west coast have the authority to cancel the qualifications of the activity deduction of all the rewards and certain process. 
  • All activity final explanation reserved bh west coast. 

West coast rules and regulations

So know the rule guiding there system you should now know how to refer and what to tell your Invitees when referring them. 


My tweet on West Coat Invitation 

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How To Redeem Your BTC on West Coast 

  1. locate your Dashboard on your West Coast app 
  2. Let it load completely and you will see some circle with Amount of sats BTC on it. 
  3. Wait for it To Complete Mining and Click on it to Redeem Your BTC to your account. 

Redeem BTC on West Coast

There are also other ways to earn on West Coast which are stated below:


Earn $100 IN Two (2) Weeks 

Day1: earn upto 100000 sats BTC=~$10 By Completely Tasks has shown view belo screenshots.

West Coast earn

It Range for week one to week two as shown on there stack below.. 

West Coast


West Coast

West Coast

West Coast

Community Strategy Register to Receive 3000 sat BTC


Complete task to review hash rate higher hash rate can get more coin  has show view below screenshots. 

West Coast

West Coast

West Coast

Lucky Number with Great Price 

Lucky winner West Coast

Follow all these procedures right from your west coast dashboard you can earn more from the platform.. 

West Coast

How to withdraw on West coast 

Since they redeem Bitcoin ₿ to there users So it implies you need a bit coin wallet to receive your fud or Bitcoin BTC. You just have submit your wallet address or if you don’t have one just download all like Trust wallet, Blockchain to get any Cryto currency wallet address and where you can send and receive any crypto currency. 

West Coast payment prove

These platform West Coast also need you to provide a payment password which will be used anytime you want to make any payment transactions just for security purpose. 


How To Create A Payment Password On West Coast 


  1. All you have to do it to locate your setting on the app. or 
  2. if you want to cash out your fund you will be requested to provide a payment password just click on setting.
  3. Generate another Verification code which will be send to your registered phone number. 
  4. Copy and paste the code on the field provided for it.
  5. Input your password in the field provided for it twice and Click on Confirm That’s all.

Payment password on West Coast

Since these platform is just discovered by us you can revisit these same post for more Review on the app.But Seriously Speaking the app these platformt they is paying and legit.. 

West Coast Approval Process

They also include approval process by providing them a valid ID ( international passport, National ID, or Diver’s license ) you have to submit it to them in some ways which they said it should be provided has shown below.


If you have any questions drop it on the comments box for instant reply always patronize us for more Money Making Tips most specific online. 


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