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GBWhatsApp v17.60 AlexMods Download Latest Version

Download Gb WhatsApp apk, GbWhatsApp 17.60 latest version alexmods. Hello everyone, today we’re granting some of the requests before us, which is providing a working Gb WhatsApp app, we have provided the app for free download on this article, and also this article contains all you need to know about it and how to use it.


WhatsApp is one of the most used social app. It is an app we use on daily basis maybe for business, entertainment or just to connect with pals. WhatsApp provides a lot of features that makes it an exception to other social apps, but even with its enormous features they are still not enough, WhatsApp offers less customization and privacy options to users which is just one of its downsides, although WhatsApp recently integrated dark mode into it app which is one of the pluses on the platform, you can still make more customization on the modified version of WhatsApp, which a popular one is the Gb WhatsApp. Alexmods GbWhatsApp is a very popular and powerful WhatsApp mod and a lot of people are already familiar with it, but it can also be a new term to others so we will be explaining what it is all about in this article. Stay tuned!.

What is Gb WhatsApp?

As mentioned earlier GbWhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp with more unique and exclusive features, with this modified WhatsApp, you can make a lot of customization on your GB WhatsApp, like changing the theme, fonts, ticks and bubble styles and many more. These features cannot be found on the normal version of WhatsApp which eventually makes it kinda boring.

Features of GbWhatsApp

Gb Whatsapp offers lots of unique features and some of them will be discussed in this article.

  • Anti-Ban

One of the best things about this app is the anti-ban feature, many users do face issues of getting a temporary ban on WhatsApp due to some issues but GbWhatsApp enables users to use WhatsApp again without the fear of getting banned. You can also use the app alongside your normal WhatsApp if you wish to have two WhatsApp on the same phone, they won’t interrupt each other.

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  • Customized themes

Gbwhatsapp 17.60 offers a wide collection of Customized themes which you can download and apply from Gb settings, the regular WhatsApp does not provide users with customization options other than the dark mode, but the modded version does, with wide collections even. You can also choose to customize your own theme for the app by playing around with the settings, you can choose to change font style, change colors settings, change emoji variants, change icons, change tick styles, change chat bubbles style, and many more.

  • IG-like story

The app also offers a feature that enables you to use IG-like stories for your status, this is one of the coolest and my favorite feature of the app, you can enable this by going to Gbsettings>home screen>header and enabling “Instagram like stories”, you can also make a number of other customization here like changing navigation UI style, replacing ‘WhatsApp’ with your name on the home screen and many more.. gbWhatsAppgbWhatsAppGb WhatsApp Pro download

  • More privacy

Gb WhatsApp also allows users to access more privacy compared to the regular WhatsApp, you can hide your blue tick(which signifies that a user has read a message), although this can also be done on the regular WhatsApp by disabling “Read receipt” in settings with the price of not seeing other’s blue ticks too, with GbWhatsApp you will see other’s blue tick they won’t be able to see yours. You can enable this option by going to Gbsettings > privacy and security > contacts and marking the “hide blue tick” and any other option of your choice. You can also set to freeze ‘last seen’ or prevent anyone from knowing that you viewed their status from here.
Download GB WhatsApp apkdownload gbWhatsApp Prodownload gbWhatsApp Pro

There are many more options of customization that cannot be done on WhatsApp in the Gb settings all you have to do is play around with the settings and adjust the app to your taste and also discover more

Download GB WhatsApp apk
here is my WhatsApp theme preview, If you like this view, You can request the theme on our telegram channel and I’ll export it for you.

How To Fix Whatsapp Temporary Ban Issue

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Download GbWhatsApp Version

Download GBwhatsapp v17.60. Searching for “Download Gb WhatsApp apk” on the Internet will only lead you to loads of sites to download the app but you will probably end up with a “not installed” Message, here is not the case, we have dished out one of the best and reliable that works with almost every device here for you, the download link and how to set up has been provided below.

Gb WhatsApp pro DownloadDownload GB WhatsApp

Download GB WhatsApp apk


App name Gbwhatsapp
App version v17.60
App size 31.25MB
Supported device Android 4.0, above

Download Here

How to install

  • First thing to do before installing any third-party app ensures that you device is set to enable installation from unknown source, to do that simply go to settings >privacyand security >unknown source and ensure the option is enabled.
  • Now download GbWhatsApp version from link provided above and install directly after download.
  • There you go follow the instructions provided above for customization or you can easily let us know if you need anything using the comments box below.

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