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Create App without Coding AWS launches Honey Code

AWS launches Amazon Honeycode

Aws officially took hours of June 24 to announce the launch of the lauvh of amazon honeycode, with a no code and mobile app builder.  

Aws in their journey to make coding more easier

Make this important lauch of a newly fully manage no code /low code  wish wil make it very easy for anybody in a company

To build there own application ,  which will be backed by AWS data base and web based,  drag and drop interface builder.

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The app come with 20 free trial that is developer can build for up to 20 people before they ask to pay

Which is a great for all developers

The company claims is what thier customers want, they also said

It as been recallled that many customer  have told us that they need custom applications.

Which is fart outstrip the capacity of small developer to develop it

All issues now resolve with the lauch of this great app



it is more than easy for any one to code  almost anyone can create powerful custom mobile

and web applications without the need to write code which is


the most interesting part of the app is you can create app yourself without having much knowledge about coding.

We all understand the developer of this app,  which is  Honey code because it usses a spreadsheet view as its core data interface sive it was what they normally use, which makes more  sense, given how familiar and  virtually every potential user i s with and love  this concept.

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To manipulate data, it easily help users to work with standard spreadsheet-style formulas, which seems to be best of servive in the closest the gets to actual programming.


It also set notification flr users.

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